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Munich Motorworks specializes in the service and maintenance of European cars, including BMW repair, in Portland, OR.

13 Reviews

  • frank webster
    frank webster6 years ago

    I have been taking my car to Joseph at Munich Motorworks since 2011when I limped into his shop with my Volkswagen Corrado and didn't know where else to go. I was in the market for another vehicle at the time and asked his advice about buying a used bimmer before the purchase. I have been a steady customer since I bought my '03 525i wagon - a bit of a restoration project.They have helped resolve every issue in a polite, punctual, predictable and economical manner. The words economical and BMW don't usually go hand in hand, but Joseph has made recommendations to prioritize or defer work that doesn't need to be done right away. Everyone in the shop is kind and helpful, and I would invite them all to our christmas party - if we ever have a christmas party... Recommended to all drivers who love their cars!

    2003 BMW 525iT
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  • Dianne Giard
    Dianne Giard8 years ago

    I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Joseph and his team at Munich. I can not even begin to tell you how AWESOME Joseph and these guys are. My BMW Runs AMAZING and AWESOME Now thanks to Joseph and his team. When I first took my 2000 BMW into Joseph I was not to optimistic and didn't want to lose my car(at first wasn't looking good). Joseph took the time and dedication to fixing my car(extensive work had to be done). He was extremely honest as to the price and what needed to be done. The Customer service from this team was Awesome as well. Joseph you and your team ROCK!!!!! I will continue to take my business to Joseph as long as I own my BMW. HIGHLY Recommended to others from ME!!!!

    Thank You Very Very Much, Dianne Giard 2000 528I BMW

    2000 BMW 528I
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  • Stockton
    Stockton8 years ago

    Joseph is a real find: thorough, professional, and willing to take the time to explain and discuss. I live west of Salem and for anything other than small things, I will be taking the car to him; worth the drive.

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Nathaniel Stephen Grumm-Johnson
    Nathaniel Stephen Grumm-Johnson11 years ago

    I came in to Munich Motorwords for a pre-purchase inspection from Joseph. I called the day before to set up an appointment. When I did come in he spent between 30 and 45 minutes talking with my father and I about the car. The best part about Joseph's inspection? It was FREE! Joseph was honest and frank about which parts needed to be replaced immediately and which could wait. After we looked at the car on the lift he took us into the office and priced everything out for us and gave his recommended price for purchase. Even after we thought we had finished and were about to leave, he called us back so he could run one more quick test on the car. The quality of inspection and time spent one on one with us was phenomenal. I don't know if I'm going to buy this Beemer, but if and when I do, I'll be back!

    1995 BMW Sedan
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  • Bill L.
    Bill L.11 years ago

    Munich Motorworks takes care of my BMWs as well prepurchase inspection and maintainance of my daughters Honda and Ford. Their skill and council has kept me from making some costly mistakes.

    Thanks Joseph - You and your crew have proven a high mileage BMW doesn't lose it's fun factor or dependability and can be maintained on a budget.

    2001 BMW E30
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  • Jessica Zeigler
    Jessica Zeigler11 years ago

    Joseph has been my mechanic for over two years and I wouldn't think about going anywhere else. I have had two Volvo wagons serviced from Joseph and have always received outstanding service. His shop has taken care of everything from electronic work to oil pans.

    He has always stood behind his work and has an excellent way of communicating exactly what is going on with my car in a way that is easy to understand. All of this has been done in a timely manner.

    Joseph is passionate about cars and building relationships with his customers, so if you want fair pricing and someone you can trust, please visit Joseph.

    1999 Volvo V70
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  • Tim M.
    Tim M.11 years ago

    Have had lots of experience over at Munich Motorworks over the past year. Joseph and his shop guys are top notch, well trained, and very honest. Very resonable prices, fast and reliable work. They work on both my race care (1989 E30 325i) and daily driver (2010 E82 135i). Wouldnt trust anybody else from a simple oil change to more involved work on my cars. Trackside support is also great, they are out there and willing to lend a helping hand and get you back out on the race track. I highly recommend Munich Motorworks and send all my buddies there. Thanks for the dedication and treating my cars as if they where yours!

    2010 BMW 325i
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  • Charlene Quaresma
    Charlene Quaresma12 years ago

    Munich Motorworks doesn't just do BMWs. I brought my '97 Mercedes C230 for service. As with any German car, anytime the check engine light comes on, it gives me anxiety on how much this servicing will cost. Is it going to be a 3 digit or 4 digit cost? I'm new to the area and passed by Munich Motorworks' new location. Joseph and Steven worked with my busy schedule to drop off and pick up. My car was completed when they said it would be, all for just a hair over a hundred bucks!! I've never brought my Benz anywhere and left without feeling ripped off. They are awesome!! I'm going there for everything from now on.

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  • Matt
    Matt12 years ago

    I was very unhappy with the service I received. My car sat untouched for 7 days while Joseph told me stories about wrong parts and work that was not done. I finally picked up my car still in pieces and had to finish the job myself. I was overcharged $350 from what I was told it would cost. I had to redo the repairs 3 mos later to get it fixed properly due to the work not being performed right the first time. All in all paid $900 for a thermostat(had to replace again) and a fan clutch that was not needed. I was also quoted $4000 in additional repairs I was told my car needed. Those repairs at the shop I use now totaled less than $200.00. The major oil leak Joseph said I had was a loose filter screw in the Vanos unit. Just my experience with Munich Motorworks. So be careful and get everything in writing. I learned my lesson so hopefully you don't have to.

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    Joseph Gilmore - Owner11 years ago

    Matt has a specialty Euro M3. It came in with an overheating problem and the parts for his Euro M3 all had to be special ordered.

    All I did to his car was the thermostat and fan clutch, he did not pay for the work, and I do not know why he is unhappy. I should be upset with him - I'm not - because I ordered a pile of Euro M3 specific parts that he did not pay for and I cannot return.

    Matt never told me he was unhappy, never allowed me a chance to make the situation right, and HE DID NOT PAY FOR THE REPAIR.

    It is continually shocking to me what people will say on the anonymous internet where there is no system for validating the truth of your statements. Too bad.

    Please feel free to call or come by my shop to see the kind of work I do. We love BMWs and all Euro cars, strive to cultivate long-term, local family customers and are looking forward to many years of serving our neighborhood.

  • ken garchow
    ken garchow13 years ago

    i am having good experiences at Munich motorworks.

    shop is neat and clean, owner and techs are available to discuss your car (uncommon at many shops).

    they dont oversell or scare you to do things not needed.

    also i get the feeling when off work they are still thinking BMW's as it seems to be a passion not just a profession for this group

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  • Jules
    Jules14 years ago

    03/09/10 - Awesome experience!! Being a reluctant female looking for a good BMW mechanic but fearing being taken advantage of, I spent a great deal of time searching the Internet for a quality mechanic. Munich Motorworks came up with rave reviews. Joseph Gilmore, the owner, had my car up on the rack within moments and going over with me what was needed. He cares about your car as if it's his. For the Bimmer girls out there looking for quality and fair pricing, go here. For any person looking for quality and fair pricing go here! My car is running so nicely today. We've got a maintenance plan going - Munich Motorworks will be my mechanic for the life of my car!

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  • BiosDude
    BiosDude14 years ago

    Joseph is very passionate about BMWs. Listen to him. He'll tell you the truth about your car. Awesome guy.

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  • Phiroze
    Phiroze14 years ago


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