JCL Automotive

662 Front Street,
Hellertown, PA 18055 US
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Independent BMW service and repair in Hellertown, PA. BIMRS member.

5 Reviews

  • Brenda Quinones
    Brenda Quinones 3 years ago

    Where do I begin!? These guys are by far the best people I know. Chris knows his thing and Dana is so great and friendly. Keep up the great work guys! Mariann thanks for everything ????

    2005 BMW 845i
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  • MAHER E30
    MAHER E307 years ago

    Chris is a very honest technician the bad part I work for BMW dealer but guess what I rather take it to JCL than get it done at my dealership.

    What does it tell you honest business is the key to success .

    thanks Chris.

    1987 BMW 325
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  • Wayne Samaroo
    Wayne Samaroo10 years ago

    Customer for life! I live about 20 minutes from JCL and just took my car for the first time this past Thursday to get the CV boots done on my wife's X5. After having attempted it on my own and not even being able to get the axle nut off, I decided I needed a pro. I have a shop I've worked with closer, about 5 mins from home but they take forever! So I called JCL and booked it in. They quoted me $350 for both sides which included parts. Because I attempted it on my own, I had the parts with me so they said 2hrs labor ($180) which was extremely fair. So I handed over the keys, sat down and was watched 2 episodes of Top Gear on my iPAD. Before the 2nd episode was over, they informed me the car was done. My jaw dropped. I told the service adviser that I spent more time staring at the nut than they did. 1HR flat and they were done. Unreal! I can't believe how fast they work. I am definitely a customer for life.

    Also, they are now at 70 Main Street in Hellertown, just a mile down the road from where they were on Front street.

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  • Andy Potanin
    Andy Potanin14 years ago

    I took my car in to get both control arms changed. I called numerous other shops and was quoted anywhere between $900-$1400 to get the job done. JCL Automotive did this for less than $600! Not to mention the mechanics worked fast as hell, were extremely friendly and very professional.

    This place is well worth the drive even if you're far away!

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  • Alex Funaro
    Alex Funaro14 years ago

    I do most of the work on my e34 M50 myself, but when I have a job that I don't have the tools for or is just too complicated or labor intensive I take my car to Chris at JCL.

    Chris is the most knowledgeable BMW mechanic I have ever met; he knows all the intricacies of every model from the 2002 to models of the showroom floor. He is easy to reach all the time, and is an honest guy willing to give you straight up advice about what the best course of action may be, even if it doesn't help his bottom line. I recently moved from PA to NY, but I still plan to make the two hour drive to JCL if I need any major work on my car. Chris is that good.

    The prices are reasonable and the service is great, this is hands down the best shop I have ever frequented.

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