Jimmy's On-It Automotive

4802 McKnight Road,
Pittsburgh, PA 15237 US
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Jimmy's On-it Automotive is a full service center, in operation since 2007 with over 12 years experience working on foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

Starting from scratch and only a handful of customers, I now have a garage with two full bays and all the tools I need to work on almost anything!

I love working on all types of vehicles. I always get excited when a customer has a unique or challenging project for me to tackle. From routine maintenance to inspections or an upgrade of any kind, we are here to take care of your every need. Jimmy's On-It is truly a one-stop shop for any auto service you have in mind!

This business is growing, just like our family, steady and building with time. We are dedicated and care about your vehicle like no other shop. A dynamic duo you will meet. Lindsay runs the ins and outs like clockwork and I (Jimmy) care for the vehicles.

No cars left behind, seriously. We have learned the art of scheduling. This means that when you make an appointment, you will have your car back ASAP. 95% of our repairs are completed within a day.

During service, I keep very clean and organized. This is something I learned while working Mercedes Benz.

  • Over 12 years experience with specialized training at Mercedes Benz
  • ASE Certified Technician and currently working on my Master Certification
  • State and Emissions Inspector and Station
  • Specialize in Foreign and Domestic Automotive Service, Diagnostics and Repair

I personally guarantee all work to be done professionally and on time while giving you complete communication about progress and pricing.