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Developing a plan for your vehicles repair needs with priorities in mind. Safety, preventative, cosmetic...

Total Vehicle Tuning based on customer driving styles for Street, Track and AutoX applications.

  • Technician since 1990
  • BMW certified since 1999
  • MINI certified since 2002

Total MINI & BMW Services, specializing in MINI and BMW repairs, diagnostics, accessory installation.

Engine and Body Electronic diagnostics and repairs

Suspension repairs and tuning, including sway bar, coilover and other modifications

Factory Maintenance Planning to keep your car's services up to date with no surprises

Bumper to Bumper service including Convertible top service.

Chad Matthews, Owner


  • Contact-Free Service
  • Hand Sanitizer

21 Reviews

  • Audwin Cumbee
    Audwin Cumbee8 months ago

    Called and spoke to the receptionist on the cost of replacing a bad wheel bearing and the lady who answered the phone took my name and number and said she would call me back in a little while and that was over a week ago and never heard a peep from them. Can’t recommend a place who doesn’t even take the time to call a person back.

    2005 BMW 325xi
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  • D. Fenstermaker
    D. Fenstermaker2 years ago

    I had an issue while northbound on I-95. Found these guys on the internet and limped to their shop. Happily, they fit us in, diagnosed a driveshaft universal joint problem, and discovered a dangerous tire issue as well. Tray and Chad couldn’t have been more efficient and professional as they found and express-shipped a driveshaft from FL, repaired my Bimmer and had us on our way within a day. Gave us good advice on overnight lodging as well. These guys are GREAT!

    2014 BMW 328i
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  • T. Karan
    T. Karan3 years ago

    I have been dealing with a couple of issues with my BMW and the crew at Total Mini & BMW are very professional and go out of their way to ensure everything is great! They repaired a transmission problem as well as address a CES light in regard to my Vanos. The crew identified the problem and was able look up and find that issue had an extended warranty due to a recall. I wouldn’t have been the wiser and they could have charged me to repair it. Instead, they saved me thousands and have solidified themselves as my go to place for my BMW services. A big thanks to Chad, Trey, and the amazing techs that worked on my car!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • andrew volcko
    andrew volcko3 years ago

    I dropped off a mess and they corrected it, kept me in the loop the whole time. When I received the car back I couldn't be happier.

    1999 BMW 328I
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  • Edwin Godbold
    Edwin Godbold5 years ago

    I began going here to keep from driving to Mt Pleasant. I started seeing "coincidences" A hydralic pump for the top was replaced and the next day, the top was slamming shut. Their answer was a tech bulletin stating that some of the bans (when first installed) were not tight enough. BUT, the bands had been there for almost 10 years with no problems. No problems until they worked on the pump/top. Soon after, the same pump quit. Within 6 months. Said they could not cover it because water was in the compartment. (car is left in the garage and rarely driven-same as it has been for years), and the first pump lasted about 8 years.

    Just recently, my battery was dead. I charged it drove it around the block and noted all the warning dash lights were illuminated. Got the battery checked at Auto Zone - said it was OK. Took it to the shop, and they said they thought it was the battery. I siad I thought I had a major electrical drain (maybe from the installation of that last pump which they had moved to the rear, where the battery and electrical connections are). Put a battery in. Said it was fixed.

    Got in it and saw all the lights were still on. Turned around spoke with them, and they said that wasn't why I had taken was the battery. I had even taken the printout from AutoZone showing the battery was good.

    I took it back and they stated it was probably a sensor under the drivers seat. Called me a couple of days later and said they couldn't test th senson without removing the seat, and if it was thre sensor it would be $1,000. I said no. Picked the car up (charged over $100 to tell me it might be the sensor when they said that on the previous visit). Now it is a week later, and I went out and the battery is so dead that the interior lights won't come on. So I back to where I was - a dead battery and all the lights on.

    Too many coincidences, but always a charge to guess what the problem might be.

    Back to Mt. Pleasant. It's a scenic drive, and I have never felt violated doing business with those folks.

    2003 BMW Z4
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    Chad Matthews4 years ago

    Mr. Godbold,

    Please Google BMW Z4 top failure....I cannot be held responsible the shortcomings of a manufacturers unwillingness to correct a known issue. As sent to you in the pictures, your failing headliner(which was all over the interior of the car) clogged the drains of your top causing the box to be flooded. If this car wasn't in the rain, then how did the water get in there. We even relocated the top motor the last time it was in and advise that on any of these to prevent future failures. I am sorry that you went through this none the less

  • Cotton
    Cotton5 years ago

    I had a coolant leak since I bought my BMW in September 2018 and have drove it several thousand miles. I took it in to resolve the leak before I went to MN to see my mother who is ill on chemo. I now have a massive leak and my car smokes badly after paying $1800. I will rewrite (out of respect for these kind knowledgeable gentlemen ) after they reassess this problem. What people do as a result of a problem is paramount.

    2005 BMW 645Ci
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  • Lien Bragg
    Lien Bragg5 years ago

    Chad and his guys at Total MINI & BMW Services have taken exceptional care of my BMW since I bought it 5 years ago. They are highly professional, extremely fair with their prices and never do more work on my car than necessary. As a female client, Chad and his guys have never taken advantage of my lack of knowledge nor treated me differently. They are a family and women friendly business. Solid guys who are honest and kind that do terrific work. My BMW runs like a charm no matter how much I run it down. Thanks Chad, Trey, George and all the other fellas at Total Mini BMW. Ya'll are the best!

    2010 BMW 328i
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  • Kyle Gillum
    Kyle Gillum5 years ago

    Excellent service from Total MINI & BMW Services. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. Got an alignment and tires. Very reasonable prices.

    2011 BMW 535i
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  • Leon
    Leon6 years ago

    I took my BMW to Total Mini & BMW Services and they did an outstanding job! They were very knowledgeable and took care of everything in a timely manor. I highly recommend them because they set the standard all across the board. Truck drives like it's brand new, and I wouldn't take my vehicle anywhere else!

    2006 BMW x5
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  • Tom DiGangi
    Tom DiGangi9 years ago

    It was a happy day when I found out about about Total MINI and BMW Services 4 years ago. Chad has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to repairing customer's Bimmers and also understands the attachment these owners sometimes have with their cars. Last year he moved to a new location that probably tripled the space he worked out of previously. Lots of shops will work on a BMW, but I swear that he has almost the same amount of test equipment that's at a BMW dealership. He recently acquired alignment equipment to serve his customers, who buys an alignment setup for a auto repair shop, hardly anybody. He is a hands on guy who enjoys talking to his customers and really goes out of his way to make sure you are happy with his work. Fair prices, good outcomes, you will not be disappointed.

    2003 BMW 530i
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  • Valerie
    Valerie9 years ago

    Very professional. We had just gotten new tires put on at Costco and wanted a wheel alignment. Total Mini & BMW Services did the set-up and determined that the alignment was dialed in exactly per factory specs. They did not need to make adjustments and therefore only charged us half their quoted price.

    The dealership would NEVER have done that.

    These guys are a pleasure to work with. When service is required on our BMW, we'll be back! We highly recommend Total Mini & BMW Services! They are both professional and honest.

    2007 BMW 328XI
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  • Price
    Price11 years ago

    Chad serviced my 2005 M3 for the 2 years I owned it. His prices are more than fair and turn around time is amazing! He did everything from my inspection 2, valve adjustments to some programming. If I ever get another BMW, I will definitely use Total Mini & BMW Services again!

    2005 BMW M3
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  • Gary S
    Gary S12 years ago

    Had to have entire brake and strut job done on my 2002 E39 M5 in a hurry so I could make a meet. Chad and his crew at Total Mini & BMW Services jumped on the job and finished the work right on time, even the balanced alignment in house. When I got the bill I was shocked by how much work they did and how reasonable the price. We have set up for the shop to install headers and other performance parts soon. The M5 is basically a race car that looks like a sedan. So this is very high praise from a very picky ///M5 owner. This shop is about customer satisfaction and very high quality work.

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  • Mike Fish
    Mike Fish12 years ago

    I went to Chad's shop, Total Mini & BMW Services, based on reviews and calling around for initial pricing to look into a leaking coolant issue on my 2004 325i. The closest shops on James Island & Mt. Pleasant quoted $98-$55 for a diagnostic. Chad started with a $31 diagnostic & explained what the test does to find the leak. He got our car back to us the next day even though he was slammed with other BMWs. His shop is the farthest from our home (20 miles one way) but after our pleasant experience with Chad, he will be our exclusive BMW mechanic as well.

    YOU can tell when a business owner cares. Plus he has a passion for what he does. I happened to get a quick tour of his entire shop and can tell you without a doubt that Chad knows how to fix it all! "Bumper to bumper" as he said.

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  • J. Davis
    J. Davis12 years ago

    I googled "best BMW shop in Charleston" and Chad's shop, Total Mini & BMW Services, came up. I took my 08 BMW X5 to him for service/brake job. The work was done flawlessly! Chad briefed me on all work and I knew exactly what to expect. His prices are very fair and he does amazing work. I agree ... best BMW shop in Charleston. He will be my exclusive BMW mechanic.

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  • Juliette
    Juliette13 years ago

    I am so glad I found Chad! Very fair prices. My '06 BMW 330i was having an electical problem. Chad almost immediately had it diagnosed. I trust Chad and will return to Total Mini & BMW Services for all my future maintenance and repairs!

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  • Steve W
    Steve W13 years ago

    I have a Z3 BMW that wouldn't start, Chad checked the car out and couldn't find anything at that time, car started working as advertised. He could have charged me for unneeded parts and services that I didn't need, but didn't and didn't charge me hardly anything to check it out. Seems to be a very honest person and would high recommend him and Total Mini & BMW Services to friends and family.

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  • Ray
    Ray13 years ago

    I have been in the automotive business for over 20 years. Recently we had an issue with a BMW convertible top. Chad not only did an excellent job at a reasonable price but also kept us informed so that we could update our prospective buyer. We sold the car and told our customer that she should use Chad as her mechanic at Total Mini & BMW Services. Now, I am telling you the same. Great job, Chad. Thanks!

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  • Cindy F.
    Cindy F.13 years ago

    Highly recommend Total Mini & BMW Services. Chad has solved problems on my 3 series that no other mechanic have been able to figure out. He's a nice, friendly, family oriented guy. I haven't found a mechanic that I've trusted more and will seriously consider buying my next car around something that Chad recommends. Also saw Subarus in his shop and he was talking about how good of cars these were, so maybe he is branching out.

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  • Ryan Stephens
    Ryan Stephens13 years ago

    I have an 03 Mini, the AC clutch went out and the only way to repair it is with a new compressor which is a very expensive repair. I check around and was referred to Chad at Total Mini & BMW Services. He had a used clutch assembly that he could put on and saved me money that I did not have to replace the entire compressor, he will be the only person that works on my Mini.

    Most people don't take the time to post a good review, I am only the second person and I am also posting a good review, that has to say a lot about Chad.

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  • David H.
    David H.14 years ago

    Chad's a great guy, had a real tough electrical problem on my '04 BMW 330CIC, Chad really put some time and effort into isolating the problem (as opposed to just starting to replace parts randomly) and charged me a very fair price.

    Nice guy, and he always picked up the phone when I called. Flexible on a later time of the day to pick-up the car, which is very nice. Will be my exclusive BMW mechanic from here on out!

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