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Charleston, SC 29414 US
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Driven to keep you driving your Ultimate Driving Machine.

Ultimate Autowerks offers Full BMW Service and Repair in Charleston, SC.

  • 55 years of combined automotive experience.
  • 20 years of combined BMW dealership service experience.
  • BMW Factory trained technicians.
  • Affordable, professional BMW service and repair.

Matthew Buero and Charles Williams, Owners

17 Reviews

  • Yohn Gonzales
    Yohn Gonzales 5 months ago

    Really bad experience with this guys I will no recommend them just pay then 1300 dollars to take off the check engine light of my car after I pick my car up on my way back home my car started shaking really bad never did that before they worked on it now they wanna charger me another 1400 to fix something that wasn’t bad before they worked on my car they just try to take you money away wanted me to pay around 3000 box ..now I cannot drive my car ..really bad experience payed 1300 and now I can’t no drive my car ..

    2009 BMW 135i
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  • joan hale
    joan hale5 years ago

    Honest...always looks after your best interest... would not take my car anywhere else... 4 years of great care and great people... with each new addition to there staff, it shows they care from the moment you talk to Debbie or Dell at the front desk and whether Matt, Charles or Andrew hands you your key...you are always in good hands...

    2002 BMW 325
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  • J S Roberts I MD
    J S Roberts I MD6 years ago

    Excellent service and staff. If you want great work done on your bimmer then go here.

    God bless

    1994 BMW 530i
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  • John Atkinson
    John Atkinson6 years ago

    This is my second BMW purchased from Rick Hendrick BMW in Charleston. I always used them for service even after the warranties ran out. However, it seemed that they were always overcharging me and taking forever to do repairs (there was nothing that could be fixed for under $1000). After speaking with some friends, I learned about Ultimate Autowerks. I decided that I'd take my vehicle there next time I had a problem. Over this past weekend, my service brakes light came on. I called them at 9:00 am on Monday. They said to bring it right in. Since it was also about time for my usual oil change, I had them do that as well. They fixed and checked everything thoroughly and even checked out and fixed a squeal I was having with the brakes. The mechanic, Charles (who turned out to be one of the owners) even came out to tell me what he did and gave me some advice to help the brakes not to squeal. The best part is that that this all cost less than half of what it cost last time the dealership gave me a rountine oil change/check. Thank you guys! I'm a customer for life now!!

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Sally  Causey
    Sally Causey6 years ago

    I went to another BMW shop with a illumination on my dash indicating the picture of my car with a red headlight glowing in the front of the illumination. He said my headlights were fine, that he checked everything. Later that night I was pulled by a Charleston County Sheriff for my passenger headlight being out. So I took my car to Ultimate Autowerks and Matt came out to my car to meet me. We discovered connections with his family and mine. This business establishes a personal relationship which you can trust. He found a bad relay switch, ordered the part and repaired the switch . When I went in to pay the bill, I prepared myself for a hefty bill since my car is a 2005 model. Happily, my bill was $50.00!! I will keep coming back to this shop because of their personal professionalism that appreciates their customers! You can always trust those Citadel Grads!

    BMW 330IC
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  • Adam Killermann
    Adam Killermann6 years ago

    This is my 2nd review of Ultimate Autowerks and the message is the same. Absolute first class operation! The knowledge that Matt, Charles and their team posses is unmatched. They are attentive to you needs, listen to your issues and provide sound and solid advice for the needed repairs at a price that is more than reasonable. There truly is not another shop in town that you have to trust your vehicle to.

    2003 Volkswagen Passat
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  • Paul Schladenhauffen
    Paul Schladenhauffen6 years ago

    I find Matt and the entire crew to be very honest and capable in maintaining our two vehicles. I previously went to a closer and more convenient shop near my home until I nearly had a costly and misdiagnosed repair at that shop. I went to Ultimate Autowerks for a second opinion and Matt found the problem to be a crushed seal on the oil filter cap. His second opinion and proper diagnosis saved me $1,100. I find Ultimate Autowerks be friendly and concientious to its' customer base. I highly recommend them!

    2006 BMW 328i
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  • Joe Boykin
    Joe Boykin6 years ago

    I have had numerous service sessions and repairs completed by Ultimate Autowerks and am happy to say that the quality of work, customer service and value have been outstanding! The commitment and honesty shown by Matt and his associates toward their customers proves to me that they are here for the long haul and stand by their work.

    Matt has personally accomodated me when I have had issues with my BMW and I sincerely appreciate his going above and beyond what I ever expected from a service stand point. I would recommend Ultimate Autowerks to anyone who ever needs their BMW serviced or repaired. My thanks to Matt and his team of professionals!

    2005 BMW 4.4i
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  • Deidre Menefee
    Deidre Menefee6 years ago

    I've been going to Ultimate Autowerks for years. Since the first time I met Matt & Charles, I've never considered taking my cars to anyone else. They are professional, respectful, so knowledgeable, and go above and beyond in customer service! So reasonably priced and genuinely nice guys. I'd refer them to anyone looking for Bimmer repair or anyone wanting to observe the way great service works.

    2008 BMW X3si
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  • Fred Fox
    Fred Fox6 years ago

    I feel quite fortunate to have found Ultimate Autowerks. The team of Matt, Charles, and Debbie will go out of their way to give you quality and experienced service without the price usually associated with BMW repairs. They are extremely honest and really do care about the customer. I highly recommend them!

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Alicia Kokkinis
    Alicia Kokkinis6 years ago

    Honest. Experienced. Customer-centered. Well-priced. We have tried five BMW repair shops (including the dealer) in the Charleston area and Ultimate Autowerks is by far the best.

    2000 BMW 528i
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  • Blake Cleveland
    Blake Cleveland7 years ago

    I have been having Charles and Matt work on my wife's 2002 E46 since I found out about them almost 4 years ago - when they were still located out towards Folly Beach. I can honestly say that I enjoyed taking our car to them because of the excellent service and as another post said, "their 'pay it forward' attitude". I have never experienced such great personal service and technical expertise as is found in these two gentlemen. I didn't get to meet their newly hired technician before we relocated to PA, but I'm sure that he's great as well. These guys do superb preventative maintenance as well as diagnostic maintenance. They are always up front and I never felt that I was going to be overcharged or taken advantage of in any way (unlike some other local shops/dealers who will remain unnamed). To explain further, these guys make it their point to have you understand the problem your car is experiencing, go out of their way to take you out and show you the issue, and then ask you how you want to proceed. So you never have one of these ' big bill surprises' that can occur in other shops, leading you to question what you were really paying for. Furthermore, when you are in the market for another new or used BMW these guys can put you in touch with some great BMW finder services and then do the inspections on the vehicle being purchased! All-in-all, I can't think of a better place to take your BMW, and if I was closer I would still be going there. So take the initiative and go see for yourself just how good these guys are, you won't be disappointed!

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  • Alan Linnemann - Breakout Results, LLC
    Alan Linnemann - Breakout Results, LLC7 years ago

    Matt, Charles, and Debbie are friendly, competent, technically gifted, professional, and treat you with dignity and respect. As another reviewer posted, they really do get the mindset of paying it forward.

    They are a pleasure with whom to work, they don't play any games, they are not shifty (like some other shops), and they do not constantly tell you "the dealer would charge you 'this'" to justify crooked/exhorbitant pricing policies.

    Higher standards of excellence are a major premise of my consulting practice, and this team of professionals routinely aspire to -- and achieve -- those standards.

    Versus other unsavory experiences I have had when having my vehicle serviced, "refreshing" and "peace of mind" are the words/phrases that come to mind when my vehicle is being serviced by Ultimate AutoWerks.

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  • jason Merchey
    jason Merchey7 years ago

    I find these guys to be my #1 choice. They are far away, and they can get a bit busy, but their work and integrity are top-notch in my opinion.

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  • Jason Merchey
    Jason Merchey8 years ago

    This is the third shop I've been to - dealer excluded. I find them to be friendly, capable, and thoroughly appreciative of and knowledgable enough to deal with my M5. Never a "we are going to rip you off just a little bit" vibe from these auto mechanics. As long as they don't get too busy - and they just hired a new guy to prevent that - they've got my business.

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    MCILLERBMW8 years ago

    BMW REPAIR SHOP IN CHARLESTON!!!Matt and Charles have been taking a good car of my car since the first day which is the #1 priority for me and Im a big car guy....I ve used the rest of those famous bmw mechanics in chs but i got tired of getting overcharged or charged for the repairs i didnt need to or not being able to use the parts that i can buy online for half price and these guys were my last hope when i had a problem with my steeringwheel pump which was supposed to be fixed by another well known shop in charleston but they just welded it and charged as they replaced it!!when i brought the car they said it was the alternator making it bad which was totally wrong ,Matt and Charles only changed the steeringwheel pump and problem solved they saved me 300 dolars just at my first visit plus they gave me a bmwcca member discount...And after when i had a small repairs or diagnose they never even charged me at all!!!Owning a Bmw and maintaining these Ultimate Driving Machines have never been this cheap and easy thanks to ULTIMATE AUTOWERKS!! Sadly i have to move down to Florida and Ill miss the pleasure taking my car to them but at least I can recommend you who loves their Bmw's but works hard to earn money...Higly

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  • Jim Slonecki
    Jim Slonecki9 years ago

    Charles at Autowerks is the nicest and most capable mechanic we've ever seen. His approach is to "pay it forward" and more business will come is spot on. He as helped us find a couple of difficult and elusive problems with our older BMW and his charges have been very reasonable or non-existent. Great mechanic and businessman and nice person. Thanks Charles and Good Luck with your shop.

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