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Accel Motorwerks is setting the standard for BMW repair in the Dallas and Plano areas.

Our highly skilled BMW Master Certified technicians have been striving for excellence in BMW service for over 15 years. Combine that with state of the art tools and equipment and you receive an unparalleled service experience.

At Accel Motorwerks we know you don't live life in the slow lane so we quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your Ultimate Driving Machine to get you back in the fast lane as soon as possible. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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  • These guys know their stuff. Had a couple of issues on an e39 I couldn't figure out, nor could a couple other Bimmer shops. Austin tracked them down and got the car turned around quickly. Will be my go to shop.

  • After receiving an overpriced estimate from the local dealership I brought my car to Accel Motorwerks. They quickly repaired my car saving me hundreds of dollars. They were extremely polite and professional and the owner, Austin, kept me informed every step of the way. They even gave gave me a ride to and from work. I would highly recommend this shop and will definitely be a long term customer since we own multiple BMWs.

  • Great service! They are so helpful and I had my bmw back in great time! I really do feel like they gave me the best deal possible I will definitely go back and refer to other people

  • Fantastic! I am very particular about my BMW M car. They did a fantastic job servicing my car. Very professional, great price and quick. Far better than hassling with the stealership. Will be going there for all my repairs and upgrades.

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10 Reviews

  • Youcef Sennour
    Youcef Sennour2 years ago

    They got me in the same day for ignition coils, spark plugs, coolant thermostat, and battery replacement. They were pretty efficient at doing the job and the price was reasonable compared to the dealer and 2 other BMW repair shops.

    2012 BMW 335i
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  • Syed T Hussain
    Syed T Hussain6 years ago

    I did have great experience. The owner does know thorough knowledge of his work. I highly recommend Accel Motorwerks for quality BMW repair in Plano, TX.

    2007 BMW X5
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  • Silvia
    Silvia6 years ago

    Great experience at Accel Motorwerks. Austin is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Goes above and beyond – could not be happier with the BMW service and time it took to get repairs done. I wished I could have found Accel Motorwerks sooner and save me headaches experienced with other providers.

    2011 BMW 128i
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  • Billy Sy
    Billy Sy7 years ago

    I had my car checked due to engine oil light going off after shutting down the engine. Not only did I get a diagnosis about that but other potential leaks as well. He even told me not to worry about the others first cause it's still manageable. After showing me the costs of the repairs, I'm pretty confident that it'll cost me a whole lot more if I went to the dealership. He even fixed my belts without labor costs. Really easy and relaxing to work with. Highly recommend Accel Motorwerks and have definitely earned my business.

    2005 BMW 330CIC
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  • Charles
    Charles7 years ago

    Excellent customer service and follow up in person and over the phone. Speedy professional service. Competitive pricing and parts availability.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • A. Lee
    A. Lee7 years ago

    I moved to the Plano area from out of state a few years ago and I've been searching for a go to BMW repair shop outside of the dealership. I can say that I have finally found one! Will definitely recommend Accel Motorwerks to others.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • P. Bobbitt
    P. Bobbitt7 years ago

    My BMW service light came on late afternoon while I was out in Plano shopping. I called Austin at Accel Motorwerks, he got me in & out within an hour. Great service, quick quality work.

    2009 BMW 650i coupe
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  • Ed
    Ed7 years ago

    Outstanding service! And the lowest repair cost to boot! Called 4 BMW service competitors in the north Dallas area. One competitor’s service quote was more than double that of Accel Motorwerks.

    On a related matter, my TMPS warning light came on a few months prior after a tire rotation and balance. Tire company first claimed I needed to replace the TPMS sensor batteries in each tire unit. That didn’t work. Then I was told that I needed to replace all 4 TPMS sensors. That didn’t work and I still had to pay because the TPMS batteries and sensors were installed in my car. I resorted to the dealership. I was told that I needed to replace TPC (electronic module in trunk area that communicates with TPMS in each tire). Price quoted was $380 for TPC unit and $120 for 1 hour of labor. I held off on doing the repair because of the cost and issue was not critical, merely a nuisance with the warning light. Fast-forward 4 months and I need brakes and rotors. I can’t put this off. I get my repairs done at Accel Motorwerks and Austin informs me that he looked into the service light for the TPMS. Austin reset the TPC module and it’s good to go! No repair job needed. Honesty. Integrity. Knowledgeable. I found my BMW service center! Thank you Austin.

    2011 BMW 528i
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  • Steve
    Steve7 years ago

    A wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable and honest. Accel Motorwerks will be my go to BMW shop from now on. I will also recommend to all my friends.

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Elle Mcdonald
    Elle Mcdonald7 years ago

    Accel Motorwerks did a great job fixing my BMW. I was pleased to find out they were a local family owned business. Accel Motorwerks was fast, had great customer service, honest and gave the best price around. I will definitely recommend this shop to my other friends.

    2011 BMW X5
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