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The service staff and technicians at Bemer Motor Cars are highly trained on all factory services for your BMW. Stop by and find what our customers have discovered and come to depend on: for BMW maintenance or repairs, Bemer Motor Cars Service Excellence. The Bemer Motor Cars service management team looks forward to making your ownership experience as enjoyable as it is meant to be.


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    Hands down the most friendly, professional mechanics and salesman I have ever dealt with. Julian is one of the most knowledgeable mechanics I have used in my many years as a car enthusiast. On top of everything else they make repairs in a timely manner. I highly recommend Bemer motorcars to anyone looking for a car or anyone who wants real professionals to fix their car.

    Chopper S., via Google
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    This is an easy review; 5 out of 5 stars, 3 thumbs up. It’s great to know there are still some automotive shops out here that still believe in doing good work and good works! Julian, Carmen, and his whole crew are to be commended for their devotion to excellence, as well as their devotion to all the good things that make their business a huge success. Thanks for the great service!

    Rock H., via Google
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    Great service and wonderful team at Bemer Motor Cars! Thank you for always doing a great job! I definitely would recommend them!

    Kitira D., via Google

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  • Tom Jacks7 months ago

    Great service from Bemer Motorcars! My car was leaking coolant. I was afraid I was going to have a big repair bill. Luckily, it was just a hose and thermostat that needed replacing. Thanks for the great service and price!

    2012 BMW 528i
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  • D.Thompson2 years ago

    I would like to take the time to give a huge shout out to Ismael! Although he was not my salesperson, he treated me with the utmost respect. I placed a deposit on a vehicle that I absolutely loved and because of other reasons, I was not able to purchase it. I came back to get my deposit and he sat with me for over an hour inquiring about my wants and desires in a car. My birthday was in just a few days and I told him I wanted my gift to be a new car! Needless to say, he searched vehicles that fit me and my desires and I signed for a BMW 535I on my birthday! If it were not for his patience and willingness to help me, I would not have gotten my birthday gift. So to Ismael, if I could give you 1,000 hugs I would. Thank you for not pressuring me, making sure i got in a vehicle that i would love for a long time and making my birthday wish come true!

    Mario, thank you for putting up with my many test drives and always making me feel welcome when I came to the dealership. You all are very genuine individuals and I can not thank you enough!

    Manuel, thank you for your professionalism and ensuring that the numbers were right. You are greatly appreciated! **I highly recommend Bemer Motorcars**

    2012 BMW 535i
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  • Mike Johnson2 years ago

    I use Bemer Motorcars for my regular maintenance needs they are always friendly they fix it correct the first time. Their prices are great!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Mike johnson2 years ago

    I dropped my BMW off for service. JR my service advisor was very polite friendly and knowledgeable. They serviced my 328i in a timely manner when I picked it up it was fixed correctly and clean. That means a lot to me, I live 45 miles away. And yes they did provide me with a loaner! Thanks Bemer Motorcars.

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Pat L4 years ago

    Horrible! Service first time there I though they were good, but realize same stories you get from all of them, keep lying about issue you do not have try to get money from customers. I am really by owner and employees all of them use the same tactics, first you have to wait for hours before talking to someone than they will tell you your car needs this when I took my car to an other shop nothing was wrong with my car. Yes get a second opinion.

    2009 BMW X5
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  • AR5 years ago

    In a word, dishonest. I called to inquire about having 2 bushings pressed into my thrust rods, Julian advised he could do it. I drove down and proceeded to wait nearly 35 minutes waiting to speak with him. He came in and out of the showroom several times, saw me standing there with the thrust arms, and knew i was waiting for him. He would look at me but not say a word. finally after waiting i tracked him down outside, he abruptly said yes i can do it, leave them with me. I walk inside with him, and he tells me to come back in a few hours. As I am walking out I pose the question "any idea how much" with a straight face he answerss $200!!!!! I thought he was joking, I said no really how much. He says thats the price. Annoyed I walk out of his shop, parts in hand. As I get to my car he chases me out and says "since you are already here I'll do it for $150" I laughed and told him I was all set. For those not familiar this is a 10-15 minute process. I drove down the street and had it done for $40 at another BMW shop. I would urge anyone looking to stay away.

    2002 BMW M5
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  • Cal J6 years ago

    Horrible! This place is a scammer spot. The service that I got was fair, but Julian kept telling me to come back another day to get my car serviced, after waiting there for hours ...Then they give you crappy loaner cars with no gas in them.....To top it off, I was taken advantage of because I had an extended warranty. I called my warranty people and they told me that he charged me 120 more dollars they what they gave him for parts and labor....then he put on the receipt that it took them a lot more hours than the warranty people had estimated... If you don't mind waiting all day to get your car serviced and have some money to throw away, then this is the spot for you....

    BMW 325
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  • Tony7 years ago

    The impression I get is that Julian sucks you in with decent service and then sinks his fangs in. After serrvicing my car at bemer twice (oil change) Julian adviced me to change my belts - "they are cracked and will leave you stranded on the highway". I declined and I am still driving with the same belts 2 years later. A few months later after I went in for another oil change, Julian suggested I needed some pump in my transition changed out (estimate 1000) - I declined and my transition still works fine 1 yr later. So there you have it. Be careful at this shop. Get a second opinion.

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  • Rod7 years ago

    I have used Bemer Motorcars on several occasions for repairs on my 528i. Julian always takes care of my problem and I am very satisfied with their service. The repairs can be a little higher than the estimates but I have never had to go back to have the same issue repaired twice. I would highly recommend Bemer Motorcars and I will continue to let them perform my repairs. (They used to give free loaner cars now they charge $10, but that's fine)

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  • Mysty8 years ago

    I guess some customers recieve excellent service and others do not. I was billed for hundreds of dollars and my car is doing the same thing, i'm not able to inspect the work because the hood latch was broken while my car was there and was not repaired.

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  • Gwen9 years ago

    Dear Julian,

    I wanted to take a few moments to express to you how impressed I am with your business and the people in it. Your company truly provides excellant service! Many people talk about being excellent but few actually do it. It is quite rare to find a company that cares about its customers. I have visited your facility twice now. Initially, I went to get an oil change, by the way your prices beat every BMW service provider in Houston. My engine light was on and without request you checked the vehicle and responded with a few items that needed to be addressed. Knowing that I couldn't have all the work done that day, you advised me on what was exactly critical and what could wait a bit longer. Today I went in at 7:30 am sharp, you were open, and although everyone was just starting their day, they were pleasant. I once again left my vehicle for an oil change and fog light replacement and to have the engine light checked again. Later that morning Hugo called me at work to describe what had been done before based on my prior approval and told me the reason for the check engine light this time. It turns out the part needing replacing is under factory warranty and Hugo suggested that on Monday or Tuesday (because of the weekend) that I should return so that you may take the car to the BMW dealership for service. I was impressed by Mr. Samano's remark, offering to take my car in to the dealership. He explained it was a factory part that needed replacing and by letting Bemer take the car, I would have the car back faster. I greatly thanked Hugo for the information that many times doesn't get explained to customers. He informed me that the other work was done and that my car was washed and ready to go. I've worked in customer service for years and now in Human relations for years. Customer service is vital in any business, It is a lifeline that must be handled delicately. So many times we tell people about the bad service we receive, i wanted to make sure people knew about the good service too. As i am very satisfied with the BMW product, I will probably be a BMW driver for life and i look forward to a lifetime of service from Bemer Motorcars!

    Your raving fan,

    S. Godfrey

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