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Welcome to Coopers Bimmers & Benz where we strive for excellence. It is our goal to offer you the best service at a good return time. We have the latest scanners and software to help keep up with the latest forums and recalls you may not know about. We know how repairs can be costly, therefore we inspect your vehicle and let you know what is needed now and what can wait for later. We offer the best deal to you and back up our parts labor with a 12mth/ 12k warranty. Give us a call and lets get you back on the road! We offer complimentary shuttle service to you.


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5 Reviews

  • Elizabeth Sanchez
    Elizabeth Sanchez2 years ago

    I have a BMW 528i that no longer has extended warranty coverage. Before I discovered this shop, I took my car to the BMW dealership to have them look into 2 different issues (Steering Angle Sensor & AC Blower Motor). Since it was 2 different issues, they charged me 2 diagnostic fees of $180 for each issue. Because of their steep prices, I was only able to get 1 repair done (AC Blower Motor) at that time. They waived that diagnostic fee since they conducted the repair. However, since I wasn't able to have the Steering Angle Sensor repaired, they added the $180 diagnostic fee from that and added it to the price of the AC Blower Motor cost. Well, that 2nd issue eventually progressed to the point where it finally needed to be repaired. Remembering the estimate that I was given by the dealership, I knew that I had to look elsewhere. I had never had my car serviced anywhere other than the dealership, so I was worried about finding a good place that specializes in BMW. I searched around for different shops and decided to give this place a try. Best decision ever!

    As soon as I called the shop, the friendliness of the person on the phone (JoAnn) made me feel like I had made a good decision. The following day, I took my car in and was greeted by JoAnn and was immediately helped by a gentleman named Albert. Let me just say, their diagnostic fee is $105 cheaper than the fee the dealership charged me. They also waive that fee if you get your car serviced at their shop. I had them look into 2 issues (Steering Angle Sensor & Drivetrain Malfunction). When JoAnn called with the quote for the repairs, I was so happy to hear that it was hundreds cheaper than what the dealership had quoted me. Not only that, they gave me 20% off the cost of the parts. I also had them look into a 3rd issue (water leak on front passenger floor) to which they never charged extra to look at, and that's because they looked at several things in order to identify the cause of the leak. They identified where the water was coming from and it turned out that it was from that last repair I had done at the dealership. They offered to repair the issue without charging extra in labor costs, however, I would have had to buy parts. Luckily, they reminded me that the dealership adds a warranty to service and advised me to go back to the dealership so I wouldn't have to spend any money on parts. They did everything they could do to make sure I had everything taken care of on my car, in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible. They even offered a free Brake Fluid Flush along with my service. I got my car back in a short amount of time and it runs smoothly. I am so glad I decided to take my car to Coopers, Bimmers, and Benz on Reindeer Trail. They have earned a lifetime customer. I will never take my car anywhere else.

    2012 BMW 528i
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  • Madentx
    Madentx5 years ago

    My second time using Coopers Bimmers & Benz. Great service, great people, and great prices. Coopers did an extensive BMW repair-oil pan gaskets, rear brakes coolant hose and alignment. Dealer quote was $2000 higher. They have a customer for life.

    2011 BMW X5
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  • Steve
    Steve7 years ago

    Coopers Bimmers & Benz is fantastic. I had problems with the steering and ALL of the other BMW repair shops wanted to go big and replace the entire steering column. Joe took the time to speak with me about the problems and possible solutions. They took the time to do the right thing which in the long run was much cheaper than the fix I was "suggesting". They were also able to do the repair without replacing the column like the others wanted to do. This was a savings of over $3000. That is NOT a typo or incorrect placement of the decimal point it was a $3K savings. I have found my BMW repair shop while in San Antonio. I also need to add that I am stationed in Germany and it was my wife who took the car in and I spoke to them over the phone. Coopers Bimmers & Benz has earned my trust and my business.

    2005 BMW Z4
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  • Josh
    Josh7 years ago

    Coopers Bimmers & Benz provide great service and are reasonable. Ray is very knowledgeable about BMWs and seemed very honest. I will definitely go back in the future.

    2007 BMW 328I
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  • Armando Marron
    Armando Marron8 years ago

    Without a doubt Coopers Bimmers & Benz is the best and premier BMW shop in San Antonio! Took my BMW for a oil change and brake flush, and was taken care of by their superlative and unparalleled staff. The staff was efficient did an excellent job at a great price and in a timely fashion with the same genuine parts and products used by the dealership. I recommend Coopers Bimmers & Benz above all other shops in town and will definitely use them in the future.

    2008 BMW 328i
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