Redline Motorsport

58 Ferry Road,
Hartland, VT 05048 US
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Redline Motorsport is a family owned and operated automotive repair shop located in Hartland, Vermont, just minutes off Exit 9 of I 91.

We specialize in BMW repair and service, along with Mercedes, Audi, VW, Mini and other German automobiles. We offer over 20 years of repair experience and an established reputation for quality BMW service at an affordable price with emphasis on personal attention.

We offer the following services, including:

  • Engine Oil Change & Service
  • Engine Tune Up - Engine Rebuild
  • Suspension Service
  • Braking System Service
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Drive Train Repair

We welcome your inquiries about estimates on service work.

9 Reviews

  • Phil Hobbie
    Phil Hobbie3 years ago

    Seven years ago I wrote a review of Redline Motorsports. Today I write to say that Mike and crew continue to be the go-to shop for German and for that matter ALL vehicles. Mike has built a local community business and has clients bring their Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, MG, Morgan, Lotus and hot rods from afar.

    Recently my 2014 3 series diesel wagon had issues with the diesel exhaust fluid system. After throwing codes and the codes clearing themselves, I received the deadly countdown warning that the car was going to stop in so many miles.

    Mike diagnosed the problem and had the software to fix the system. It is important to note that many shops would NOT have been able to make this fix as it is more than replacing parts. Kudos to Redline and lucky for me to have such a talented crew to work on my vehicles.

    2014 BMW 328 diesel wagon (F31, N47)
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  • JP
    JP4 years ago

    My German cars run better for less money now that I take them to Redline. It is a pleasure to deal with a shop and owner that cares about helping their customers stay safe and on the road.

    2004 BMW X3
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  • John Caceres
    John Caceres4 years ago

    Simply put, Mike and crew are the best. Thorough, honest and superbly skilled. There are mechanics that are well-trained and there are mechanics that are not only well-trained but have an intuitive ability in BMW repair and servicing. Mike is that guy. I would send my mother to have her car serviced by Redline. Trustworthy, uncompromising integrity and customer focused are the standards by which Mike and crew operate.

    2005 BMW 325xi Wagon (e46)
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  • Charles & Susan Ober
    Charles & Susan Ober9 years ago

    These fellows will service just about any car or truck. I have had all my cars serviced there for many years (20+) Quality work, courteous service, honest results, and good prices. I have owned 10 BMWs, several pickups, K-cars, and a Honda. These guys do it all; GOOD. Trained by the best to be the best.

    2008 BMW 128i
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  • William Tuttle
    William Tuttle9 years ago

    Mike at Redline. Very straightforward honest did exactly what he said he would do,Service my car perfect in a very timely fashion.I would recommend him to anybody who owns a BMW..... Thanks Bill Tuttle

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • jeff locke
    jeff locke9 years ago

    Awesome shop to deal with. Quality is at the.highest in that shop. Mike and his crew do great work.

    2000 BMW 328i
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  • Phil Hobbie
    Phil Hobbie10 years ago

    Mike Holmes has been working on my Audi (while with Helmut) and 325xit for years. With his care my 325xit has logged over 250K and I continue to drive it hard in all conditions. Mike also cares for my MGB when problems occur that are beyond my repair abilities. A great shop with a great person who is a real car enthusiast, a trusty worthy person and a true craftsman.

    2002 BMW 325xit
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  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller11 years ago

    Mike Holmes spent 20 years working with my BMW mentor, Helmut Blania, and it is clear from he is a first rate expert at BMW maintenance, diagnosis and repair. His attention to detail is military-like. He works quickly, accurately and cleanly. I entrust my own BMWs to Mike, both antique and modern. He has my highest and best recommendation!

    Mike Miller

    Bimmer Magazine Tech Q&A

    BMW CCA Roundel Magazine Technical Editor

    2005 BMW 325Ci
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  • larry lancaster
    larry lancaster11 years ago

    Mike is very capable in maintaining and repairing our BMW 325 wagon and Z3. He also enjoys the challenge of working on my 1971 Lotus Elan Plus2s and 2005 Lotus Elise. I am very pleased with his attention to detail.

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