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EuroTune is a friendly, independently owned full service automotive diagnostic and repair shop. We place high importance on the value of exceptional service and skilled car repair, alongside honest and fair prices.

Our specialty is European makes, but we have the diverse knowledge and skill to service any vehicle. Alignments, tires, AC, brakes, and more, we strive to become your complete automotive service provider.

We are highly trained and skilled technicians who are passionate about what we do. We have years of experience in the automotive industry at both the dealership and independent levels. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and diagnostic abilities. Here at Eurotune we use both factory and aftermarket brand specific diagnostic equipment.

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Meet Our Team

  • Daniel Heindl & David Devereaux


    EuroTune is a dream of Daniel Heindl and David Devereaux, the two EuroTune owners, who are highly skilled and passionate about car care.

    Daniel grew up in Midlothian, VA. and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business with certificate in small business and entrepreneurship from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has worked for a local Mercedes shop and has also worked at the Jaguar dealership level. Daniel is a Master level BMW technician and has a passion for finding creative mechanical solutions and building relationships with customers.

    David grew up in Prince George, VA. He earned a B.S. from Chowan University in NC. David has over nineteen years of experience in the the aftermarket auto parts and repair industries. David has worked at three independent shops, in addition to his three years in service at a local BMW dealership.

1 Review

  • Gerald Scholder
    Gerald Scholder2 years ago

    I tried them, because someone referred me. I'll let you decide: My BMW had electrical problems; fog lights, driver low beam light not working; radio blowing fuse, battery being drained while sitting, passenger power seat not working. I agreed to a "draw test" for $200+. I get a call my battery is not good and I need a new one. I delivered and installed a new one. Saved a bundle doing this. Old battery checked out bad; only charged to 51%. They tore the rear navigation system down, found nothing, put back together and radio fuse no longer blows. They don't know why. Draw test showed nothing, but after new battery it wasn't draining anymore. They called to say car was done and I confirmed they checked low beam and fog lights; they didn't. Replaced low beam bulb at $120 and $34 labor. At pick-up, low beam did not work and the power steering wasn't working. They stated low beam not working as it needed HID ballast @ $207 for part only; good news is it was an OEM part so didn't have to pay $500+ for BMW part. When re-starting car the power steering worked. Total bill was over $500+, (not including the ballast which I did not purchase). $200 plus for draw test which showed nothing; radio fuse solved--don't know how, $154 for low beam light that didn't solve the problem; $115 for "Diagnostic" up front fixed cost before anything is done. $345 for nothing noticed and nothing done that didn't already know was needed; $154 for a HID bulb not needed as it didn't solve the problem and something that could have been done to get the radio fuse not to battery most likely. Wouldn't touch fog lights as not original equipment.....hmmm. Would you go back?

    2001 BMW 740i
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