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Over 20 years of experience with German brands. Audi Master Guild Technician. Full range of service for daily drivers. Performance upgrades and set up for track cars and drivers ed. Love the classics as well as the new.

1 Review

  • Rick Randolph1 year ago

    After having a neighborhood repair shop replace a worn-out guibo with a backwards install, I had a Charlottesville foreign car repair shop reverse the guibo, but after spending over $200 in analysis work, not arrive at a definitive diagnosis of why the car still emitted a discernible "clunk" every time I shifted gears (5-speed). This unnamed shop told me the problem could be both the clutch and the transmission, even though the original clutch engaged one-third of the way when depressed (142,000 miles on odometer) and the transmission shifted fine. I took the car to Paul as a last resort to determine whether I should invest more money to solve this auditory issue or sell the car as is, as the car ran perfectly well outside of the clunk sound. Paul informed me the issue was the differential needing to be rebuilt. He priced out the repair for me which convinced me that it was time for me to sell the car. The subsequent buyer of my car turned out to be one of his customers who was present when I picked up the car. It cannot get better than this!

    2001 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.5i
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