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We are your dealership alternative for BMW repair and maintenance in Orange, CA. Since 1995 we have been serving all of Orange County with expert BMW service. We are a complete repair, care and service facility specializing in BMW, Mercedes and MINI vehicles. Our BMW repair facility is ready to serve all of your automotive needs in Orange, Los Angeles & Riverside County.


  • I've been sending my BMW to Steve (and Pablo) for almost 16 years and will NOT trust it with anyone else! His extensive knowledge of BMWs (and Mercedes) far exceeds anything you'll encounter at Crevier BMW, etc. He's honest, trustworthy, and FAST. If I could give Westcoast Autobahn 10 stars, I'd do it. Highly recommend!

    Phil D., via Google
  • I have been going to this shop for 10 years. Great service and always gets it done right.

    Javier G., via Google
  • The absolute BEST mechanic. Well versed in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Mini Cooper. Can do basic service on other makes and models. I've been taking my cars to Steve for over 10 years and I wont go anywhere else. He is the BEST!

    Melissa C., via Google

3 Reviews

  • Melanie Stern
    Melanie Stern6 years ago

    Very professional and HONEST business. I've been coming to Westcoast Autobahn for a very long time! They have provided me nothing but professional services each and every time. I will keep coming back.

    1995 BMW 318ti
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  • Triker
    Triker7 years ago

    CHARGED ME $80 FOR DOING NOTHING AND BROKE MY WINDOW. I came in to customize my car settings and get my Bluetooth code. He doesn't know how to use his machine and ended up clearing all settings from the prior owner. I went back to get it sorted out. Yes back another time to go through it and the settings were again not set. He told me "well at least you got your Bluetooth code" and walked back into his office, leaving me in the garage to leave. Now my right front window won't reset for auto up. He offered no way to fix it. So.. he actually broke my car!

    I am a BMW enthusiast. I've owned and worked on 2 e30s and 2 e83s. I read all the forums and know a lot about these cars. Steve pretends that he does. Sure he CAN fix them but knows nothing about diagnosis, issues with models or how to improve anything. I went there because he has the machine I don't have and he was my closest BMW mechanic. There are 2 really knowledgeable enthusiast mechanics in the area, coast and ronin. Go to them, they might be slightly more expensive but they KNOW older BWWs. If you don't want to have something else break, steer clear of this guy. A five minute conversation with him will give you insight into his irrational logic and false inferences.

    Lastly, while I was there, another customer of his came back saying all of his lights were still on and his car was leaking oil. Steve's response " I don't know, bring it back next week". BAD!

    2005 BMW e83
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    Steve Kulina6 years ago

    Simply not true!

    I don't know how to use our Autologic scan tool after using all iterations of Autologics' scan tools for 10+ years, diagnosing 1,000's of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, and Volkswagen vehicles successfully, and going to Autologics' 2 day training workshop in 2014 and becoming officially certified with their latest iteration of scan tool? Hmmm . . .

    Here's my version of what happened . . . I explained to Trinity, that our scan tool is a mainly a diagnostic tool and that I rarely use it for customizing car settings (BMW calls it personalization settings). I also told her that we would proceed at her risk, since I rarely use this tool for this purpose (Since we proceeded at her risk, I even had her press the buttons on the scan tool so that if anything went wrong, it would be her responsibility.). Since the scan tool was only able to retrieve the Bluetooth code, she was able to connect her phone to her BMW X3 and we were able to clear all of the setting from the prior owner, I offered to give her a $40 refund on the original $80 charge. When she came by to try it a 2nd time, I suggested we disconnect the battery, as that might help. As far as breaking her window. Surely a BMW enthusiast who has owned and worked on 2 E30's and 2 E83's knows that when you disconnect the battery on a BMW E83 X3, the windows will not operate temporarily until the windows initialize again. Neither my scan tool nor my mechanical aptitude has any influence over when the windows initialize. This is the way BMW designed the window system. After realizing that I could not meet or exceed her expectations. I gave her a FULL refund on 1/30/17 in the amount of $80 (Authorization # 233972) and suggested that maybe another shop could better serve her needs.

    Regarding the comment Trinity made: "Sure he CAN fix them but knows nothing about diagnosis, issues with models or how to improve anything.". Trinity might be surprised to know that we have over 100 wholesale repair shop accounts. Other repairs shops, and non-German new car dealers, all over Orange County, bring us their late model Audi, BMW (yes, even E83 X3's), Mercedes-Benz, MINI, and Volkswagen vehicles to us when they are stuck, due to inferior diagnostic scan tools (I,e, not our expensive Autologic scan tool) or because they have reached the limit of their diagnostic knowledge. This is the reason our shop and parking lot is usually full.

    Lastly, commenting about another customer, out of context, is not relevant to this review.

    Steve Kulina

    Westcoast Autobahn

    Owner and Operator

  • Gus Rappas
    Gus Rappas8 years ago

    I wouldn't trust anybody except Westcoast Autobahn to work on my BMW. They are knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. My BMW always comes back running perfectly. Thank you for everything Steve!

    1994 BMW 525
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