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1751 Panaroma Point, Ste. B,
Lafayette, CO 80026 US
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Specializing in BMW repair and service in the Greater Lafayette, Colorado area, Autowerks East, has the knowledge and expertise to treat your vehicle with the care it deserves.

We provide:

  • BMW Brake Repair
  • BMW Steering Repair
  • BMW Suspension Repair
  • BMW Engine Repair
  • BMW Battery Replacement
  • BMW Heating & Cooling Repair

Our integrity and 35 years of factory-trained experience set us apart from the competition, servicing Boulder County since 1986.

We are conveniently located in Lafayette, 3 1/2 miles west of I-25 at the 144th Street exit. We service BMWs from Denver to Boulder and everywhere in between. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

3 Reviews

  • Michael Killian
    Michael Killian5 years ago

    Greg was direct and honest. The repair was finished on time and as promised.

    2011 BMW X50i
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  • Mike Furnell
    Mike Furnell7 years ago

    These guys are great at Autowerks East! Not only did they do a complete once over of my mother's BMW and found issues that needed attention, but they found that the previous mechanic put in the wrong shocks.

    Their prices are better than fair.

    The owner stated to me that he treated every client like it was his sister's car. I believe it!

    2006 BMW 330xi
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  • Bill Swails
    Bill Swails7 years ago

    I dropped my Audi A8 off Autowerks East the day after Labor Day with a list of 8 items that needed fixed (mostly warning lights and electrical problems) and 2 service items (change the oil and plugs). It took repeated phone calls from me to get any updates on the repair status, and final after over 2 weeks they said I could pick it up.

    Out of the 10 items on my initial list they managed to change the oil, change the spark plugs, and replace a wire harness that was causing an oil level sensor warning. So they managed to fix 3 out of my 10 items and it “only” took 2 weeks. On my drive away from their shop back home, I received 2 warnings which were the exact warnings I asked them to repair. Things got worse when I tried to pop the trunk which they were supposed to repair. It didn’t work even though they charged me over $400 to fix it.

    Today I went back, and Greg wouldn’t even walk outside and look at the trunk problem. He just said I needed to drop my car off again and he had no idea how long it would take to repair the trunk. I asked if they tested the trunk after they “repaired” it, and Greg said it stayed open after they replaced the struts. Actually, it stayed open BEFORE they replaced the struts too, the problem is that it wouldn’t open or close. They “repaired it” and didn’t even push the button inside the car to see if it opened? Or push the button on the inside of the trunk to see if it closed? In my humble opinion they are totally incompetent and incredibly frustrating to try to work with. I’m cutting my losses and will never return. I would give them 0 starts, but that isn’t an option.


    2007 Audi A8L
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