Bavarian Mechanic Works

110 Commercial Blvd.,
Martinez, GA 30907 US
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BMW repair and service in Augusta, Martinez and Evans, GA.

5 Reviews

  • Craig
    Craig 4 years ago

    These guys are great! My car would would not start so I called dealer and the quoted me 150 diagnostic . Called Bavarian and they quoat 53.50 for diagnostics witch was more than fair. Had my car towed in with no appointment and they got me checked quick and offered a very competitive price. I called all the competition ! I feel I got the best value and service at Bavarian mechanic works

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • randy
    randy 5 years ago

    after leaving the dealership with a astronomical bill I took my bmw by Bavarian and let them quoat the same jobs ... they came in 30% lower than our dealer ..... performed all services in two days had my car ready ahead of scheduled washed and ready

    thank you Nick A+++++ in my book

    do your self a favor and give them a try

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Jeff Flowers
    Jeff Flowers5 years ago

    I had a very bad experience. I called and asked about bringing my car in for work and was told they could probably work it in if I left it, which i was glad to do. The person took my keys, no other exchanges, no paperwork, no other discussion. I called back later in the day to just check and, at first, they said they said they wouldn't look at it till tomorrow and questioned why I called. I reminded him that he said the afternoon or the next either would be fine. I got a call a little later saying they did a quick check, and, while they could not actually check the part he believed it was a certain problem and gave me a high quote. I said that seemed like a lot, i would check around first. He then told me I would owe a diagnostic fee. This had never been discussed, but is reasonable if they had actually diagnosed something other than simply guessing by a sound. I decided to pick my car up and see what they would do. Other than the fact the car was in a different parking place there was no evidence anyone had diagnosed anything. They indeed charged me 52.52 even though he stated he really didn't look at the problem. I will not be back and I will advise my friends to go elsewhere as well.

    2008 BMW 128i
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  • Walt Pendleton
    Walt Pendleton11 years ago

    Future customers of Bavarian Mechanic Works - I have taken every BMW I've owned to Bavarian Mechanic Works for the last seven years. Obviously, if you've owned a BMW for any length of time you've to know... they're not cheap to own!

    For those of us who demand the feel of superior handling, style and performance, only a BMW can deliver, you want find a better group of gentlemen with more integrity and sense of partnership, with their customers, than the owner and his mechanics at Bavarian Mechanic Works. If you want the fluff of a dealership and like the feel of spending more money... go somewhere else! However, if your want experience and honesty... look no further! These guys know their Bimmers!

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  • Nathan
    Nathan12 years ago

    Wade at Bavarian, advised me that they could fix my 97 BMW Window Regulator but wouldn't do the work since I didn't buy the part from them, even if it is brand new.

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    Joe Entrekin12 years ago

    Nathan, I am sorry you are upset that we would not install your window regulator part. Any shop that cares about their customers, and their own reputation for quality work, would do likewise. If we install a customer's part and the perceived problem is not fixed, the customer is not happy, and we inherit an unsatisfactory situation. If the part is not an OE quality part, it may fail prematurely, and the shop gets blamed, even though the customer's part is at fault. Even if an OE part is provided, the shop cannot warranty the job. This is not satisfactory for the customer. The shop cannot warranty the job unless they diagnose the problem, then furnish and install the parts. Therefore, we have elected not to install customer parts. If you have further concerns, please call me at (706) 860-5354, and I will be happy to discuss this situation further with you.