German Auto Service

2603 Causton Bluff Road,
Savannah, GA 31404 US
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German auto repair specialists in Savannah, GA.

4 Reviews

  • Charles
    Charles6 years ago

    I actually bought my car from Rob. He is so unorganized. I waisted a lot of gas driving back and forth because things weren't correct or he just didn't have time to service me as scheduled. One time when I picked up my car from being serviced, I found birth control and other weird things in my back seat... Never got an explanation though. There are less expensive and better service mechanics around.

    2001 BMW 740i
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  • Anne Allman
    Anne Allman10 years ago

    Rob Parker is a fine mechanic and a gentleman. He has cared for my BMW 540i Sportwagon, '04 SL500, Carrera 4S, Boxster S and Cayman S. He has earned my confidence repeatedly.

    Andrea, the lady who handles appointments and keeps the office together is a wonderful addition to the staff.

    These folks will not steer you wrong.

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  • Steph
    Steph10 years ago

    Rob scammed me once, but he won't scam me twice.

    My advice to anyone with an exotic car is run......There are several well qualified mechanics in Savannah.

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  • Davis
    Davis11 years ago

    Rob and his staff are excellent! They have serviced both my BMW 530i and my Porsche Carrera. I highly recommend GAS!!

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