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Tommy Mathewes Auto Repair has been serving the Augusta area since 2004. We specialize in BMW repair and service, and have quickly grown to be one of the premiere BMW independent service facilities in the CSRA.

Tommy has been ASE Master Certified since 1983 with more than 25 years of automotive experience and are dedicated to quality diagnosis, service and repair of your vehicle.

In addition to experience, Tommy Mathewes Auto Repair has a modern, well-equipped shop with the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, and technical information systems.

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2 Reviews

  • Aaron
    Aaron4 years ago

    This is going to be pretty in depth, but I'd stay clear and will be telling all my friends and associates to do the same. Classic bait and switch.

    So I called Tommy Mathewes Auto Repair on Thursday 12/29 at 10:21AM and spoke to Marcy. I asked her if she could quote me the repair cost(s) for a high pressure fuel pump, water pump, and also thermostat for a 2011 BMW 335i. She advised me she would call me back with a quote. Surprisingly I received a prompt callback around 1:47 PM from Mr. Mathewes.. He advised me it would be around $1300 for the repair(s) then began asking me a couple of questions regarding why I believed I needed the said parts. I told him Taylor BMW advised me about a year ago my fuel pump was on it's way out, and i know for a fact I need a fuel pump, and the water pump & thermostat is needed because my car overheated and went into limp mode and would take forever to get to normal operating temps beforehand. I then asked him if he could give me a breakdown for each part (because i was shopping around of course). He advised me he couldn't because he lumped them all together. I said that's cool considering I'm positive I need the fuel pump and I should do the water pump with the thermostat anyway. He asked if I could the car off so he could order the parts and get the car back to me by Friday 12/30. He advised me he would call me if anything changed. At this point I was excited only one day of down time with no vehicle, sounds great! I promptly drop off the car. I then get a call from Randy @ 1:49PM 12/30, he tells me that he wouldn't be able to receive the parts until 1/3 and asks me if Tommy went over the pricing (quote) with me. I told him he did, and he quoted me around $1300 for everything. So at this point I'm honestly not surprised, didn't think they could fix everything within a day, and I'm pretty understanding.. I understand they're not getting any parts because of New Years day.

    So January 3rd rolls by, no word from the shop. So I'm thinking nothing has changed, and just continue to wait. January 4th comes around and he calls @ 8:31am and let's me know they're working on the car and will let me know if anything changes, he later lets me know I need a battery and that would be an additional $380 over the initial $1300 quote. January 5th comes and Randy calls @ 10:26AM letting me know my vehicle was ready for pickup.

    I go to pickup my vehicle, and while he is printing everything for the invoice I notices he isn't mentioning anything regarding the High Pressure Fuel Pump being changed. So I specifically ask him the $1680 ($380 for the battery) is including everything being changed right? (fuel pump, water pump, thermostat, battery) He says after some diagnostics the fuel pump wasn't needed. I said ok, then why am I still paying $1300 for the installation of just the water pump and thermostat? He attempts to tell me that Tommy advised him that the quote was just for the water pump and thermostat, and when he followed up with me on 12/30 the amount he quoted me was also just $1300 for the water pump and thermostat. At this point I'm livid, I tell him at no point in time during the conversation with me and him (Randy) did he specifically state the $1300 was for just the water pump and thermostat. During our conversation he asked me if Tommy went over the quote with me.. I told him yes $1300 for everything installed, and that was the end of our conversation.

    So I repeatedly ask what is he going to do to rectify the situation. He tells me there is nothing he can do, other than me paying an additional $700-900 for them to install the fuel pump. I tell him that's unacceptable. He has one of two choices, he can either A. Install all my original parts B. He can install the fuel pump since that is what I was originally quoted. He continued to refuse to install the parts so I advised him I would dispute the charge w/ my credit card provider. He then stated he would call the cops if I left with my vehicle without paying. I advised him I'm more than willing to go ahead and call Columbia County for him, as the job I paid for wasn't completed and he is refusing to complete the transaction we discussed. I tell him it would make no sense for me to pay them $750/ea to install just the thermostat and fuel pump when I was quoted $480 OTW at another shop for the Thermostat alone. He attempts to tell me if I was quoted that it was a mistake. I then place the phone on speaker and called the other shop and the gentleman on the phone confirms they can install the thermostat for $480 out the door (not to mention I heard they offer a military discount!), but would need the car to quote me a price on the fuel pump.

    Randy then backtracks and says he is going to see what he can do for me, because he wants to make things right. I tell him there is nothing he can do to make things right except to install the part for the price I was quoted. So at this point I'm in a bind, I need my vehicle for transportation, work, school, etc. I can't keep asking for rides everywhere.

    Randy then says he will install the fuel at cost for the part. To be honest, I still felt I was screwed and was going to advise him to put all my original parts on the car and leave but didn't want to put the burden on my friends and family in regards to taking me everywhere so I reluctantly agreed. -- It doesn't stop here --

    Randy then tries to get me to leave my car, because he would be able to get my car back to me with the fuel pump installed after the part comes in the morning tomorrow 1/6 (friday).. One day quote again.. (to good to be true?). I ask him when will the part be arriving, he said around lunch.. So I told him I would drop the car off at 10am in the morning.

    So as I'm leaving the car runs perfect, you can still hear the high pitch squealing which I asked them to diagnose, but other than that the vehicle ran pristine. Oh, and they charged me $109.00 to diagnose the car for the parts I told them I needed installed lol.

    So Friday morning comes and I drop off the car @ around 10:30am. So keep in mind Randy said yesterday they would get the part around lunch and be able to get me back my car before end of business day, he quoted me around 3-4pm. As you can see by their hours they close around 5-5:30. So I call @ 4:58pm because I haven't gotten any word on the status of my vehicle. Randy tells me they just finished and the mechanic is just making sure everything is in working order and I could come pickup the car around 5:30.

    I arrive around 5:30pm fork over $2200.87 for what was supposed to be a $1680 ($380 battery), and leave with the vehicle. As i'm driving home I noticed the vehicle drives differently now. The car hesitates (bogs) and almost acts like it wants to shutoff when coming to a stop or idling. So at this point they're closed. So I call first thing in the morning on Monday 1/9/2017. I let Marcy know that after the fuel pump installation the car no longer drives the same and hesitates and no longer idles smoothly.

    Randy then calls me back later that day and asks if I can bring the vehicle Wednesday, Jan 11th. I bring the vehicle Wednesday Jan 11th, and he tells me he is going to charge me $109.00 for diagnostic when his mechanic supposedly test drove the vehicle before returning it to me on 1/6. At this point I'm through with it all I don't feel like arguing and obviously this company is all about penny penching they can have the extra $109.00, on top of the extra $800 they are getting for a fuel pump that was supposed to have been installed. So Randy calls me at 5:30PM and tells me I can come pickup the vehicle.. Because of his lack of communication I didn't have a ride ready, and guess what... they close at 5:30PM.. So I tell him i'll just pickup the car tomorrow morning 1/12.

    Randy tells me the Valvetronic Servo motor needs to be replaced and that would be $1300, when it worked perfectly fine before them installing the fuel pump. Not to mention that should of been caught before the vehicle was returned to me on 1/6 if that was the case.

    Long story short.. Stay away, far away. By far the worst customer service experience I've had in my short 30yrs of life, and they have the nerve to use the christian symbol for their logo.

    2011 BMW 335i
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  • Basyl Prokosa
    Basyl Prokosa6 years ago

    My Z4 was taken to this shop for horn sounding when I hit a bump and rain censer. While I it was there 2 tires needed replacing and alined so after a week in the shop they replace the tires and the steering column and had to be sent to BMW Dealer for windshield.I paid for non warranted work alined,tires replaced (run flat)oil clanged.

    I arrived at the BMW dealership since my bumper to bumper insurance is a great company questioned why it was taking over a week to replace a steering column and windshield.They also review the bill and questioned me how can they pay $175.00 Miscellaneous Mathews billed me and the $92.00 to push the button on my console to reset the ECM.

    The dealership manager Questioned me why I put cheaper tires on and showed me the RX on the 2 original tires.

    I confronted Mathews about the Issues and lucky for me I took the old tires and had to bring and show them original tire they took off before they would replace.

    When confronted about the $92.00 for pushing the reset on my console and how do I replace or repair the Miscellaneous for $175.00 I was reimbursed, as for the tires they did change the $429.00 to the $650.00 tires they were suppose to put on the first time.

    Ps After they replaced the tires to make sure they were installed properly by Mathews tire Specialist I went back to the dealership who pointed out their specialist mounted the tires inside out,which was clearly marked on the Michelin tire this side in. Tire designed to displace water out not under the car to prevent Hydroplaning.

    In closing, This is not a you get what you pay for. It's what's you don't know will kill you.

    Lucky the dealer was honestly saved my family's life since everyone loves to play with POPs toy.

    2004 BMW Z4 3.01
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