Hubers Imported Car Service

900 Pennsylvania Avenue South,
Golden Valley, MN 55426 US
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Full service BMW repair shop in Golden Valley, MN. Specializing in German auto repair, we've been serving the Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Minneapolis areas since 1989.

3 Reviews

  • Brent Peterson
    Brent Peterson2 years ago

    I have been working with Hubers for more than 20 years and have always had 5-star service. They are very good at helping and discussing any issues that are happening on your car as well as giving feedback on items that need to be serviced in the future.

    I highly recommend Hubers Imported Car Service for any German car needs.

    2013 BMW X5
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  • j k
    j k5 years ago

    Very impressed with owner of Hubers Imported Car Service on two phone conversations. Had work done on my BMW's a/c and was very happy ... diagnosed very quickly, fixed, and back on the road by afternoon. (great to make an appointment and actually have the car looked at when your appt. is scheduled, instead of dealer making appt and can't get to it for a day or two ... the whole reason for an appt.) Mr. Huber very professional, had clean/organized office, and clean service area. He explained what they did, what they found, and no extra "well, you could have this done" or "have you thought about this" ... just fixing what's wrong after diagnosing the issue ... I will definitely use them again.

    2006 BMW 325ci
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  • Richard Cronk
    Richard Cronk6 years ago

    A long time Huber customer and Mercedes driver, I recently bought my first BMW. At 12 years old and new to me I was not happy with service available to me in Northern Michigan even at the BMW dealerships I could get to. Last weekend I drove the 675 miles to Minnesota to keep my appointment at Huber's on Monday morning. Like always, everything that needed attention got it and like always, when something is fixed it stays fixed the first time. The finest care and always a bargain when you get what you pay for.

    2005 BMW 330ci
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