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BMW and Mercedes-Benz Factory Trained Specialists

MD Motorwerke Inc. is a BMW and Mercedes-Benz service center that was forms in 1998 by Matthew Conover and Dan Gaydos. Matthew and Dan bring together over 25 years of technical expertise and automotive business experience. They maintain hundreds of loyal customers with personal service, the latest in dealership technology, and reasonable prices. MD Motorwerke offers a full complement of services for the BMW and Mercedes-Benz owner.

  • Routine maintenance, service inspections, major repairs
  • Full diagnostic capabilities
  • Pre-purchase car inspection
  • Performance Upgrades

65 Reviews

  • Kevin O'Connor
    Kevin O'Connor3 months ago

    Great guys here that are knowledgeable on BMW. Been using these folks for oil changes and brakes. Fair pricing and honest. Highly recommend these guys! Glad I found them!

    2019 BMW 530i w/ X:drive
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  • Carlos
    Carlos1 year ago

    I called to schedule a pre-purchase inspection for a 2000 BMW Z3, he made some accommodations to his schedule to fit me in, (the car was in NJ, I live in New England). The PPI was very thorough and helped me make an educated decision on wheteher to buy the car.

    Matthew runs a top-notch operation that truly enjoys cars! He even called me a few days later after I shared a pic of the car I ended up buying. If I lived close to MD Motorwerke, I'd take my car there for service, no question about it.

    2000 BMW Z3
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  • John Haydu
    John Haydu1 year ago

    What a great place, especially Matt who is a really nice and professional guy. I have a ABS problem with my car. I called the MD Motor place, dropped off the car and they gave me all the details about the issues I have with the ABS system, free of charge. I trust MD Motors and I recommend them to a friend. Thanks again Matt!

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Jim Krouskop
    Jim Krouskop2 years ago

    I had MD do a PPI on a used car for sale at a local dealership. I am an out-of-state buyer and Matt was very helpful throughout the process from scheduling to doing the actual PPI. His communication was great and he even offered his personal cell number so I could call him after hours to speak with him. Great service and group of folks. Highly recommended!

    2014 BMW X1
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  • Greg D
    Greg D2 years ago

    Just picked up my Z4 Coupe from Matt at MD Motorwerks and am very happy with the suspension work they did. The shop is clean and run in a professional manner. Work was finished a couple hours ahead of schedule and a few dollars less than quoted. They also gave a free overall inspection, and listed some items that may need attention within the next year or so. Overall, a very good experience and I feel confident in recommending them.

    2007 BMW Z4 Coupe E36
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  • Bill Kennedy
    Bill Kennedy2 years ago

    MD Motorwerke are true professionals. They got my 2002 BMW E46 M3 running like new. The work is top notch and Matt (the owner), as well as the mechanics are very personable and informative. I'll be bringing my BMW to them for everything from mods/upgrades, to basic maintenance. Highly recommended.

    2002 BMW M3
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  • James Mullin
    James Mullin2 years ago

    How did I not know about this review page. As an owner of 3 BMW's out of warranty, this place has become the only place I'll ever take my cars! You walk in, you get greeted by Izzy who is the most friendly dog you will ever meet!

    They treat you the way you want to be treated, with honesty and respect. The dealer would fix a leak, and instead of fixing other issues, they'd send you on your way, knowing you'll be back and they'll charge you for the same labor. MD knows their job.. while repairing an oil leak, they will call you and suggest that a few other seals need replacing...annoying service lights costing 700 to remove... no longer a worry... MD tells you what to expect.. they look at faults and discuss issues unlike a dealer that throws a bill at you...

    I drive up from AC to Somerdale... just because they are that great! As a matter of fact I am heading there today...which is another thing, they work with your schedule! So happy I found MD... the greatest piece of mind a BMW owner could have!

    2008 BMW 528
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  • Angela
    Angela3 years ago

    Matt has been taking care of my BMW 335 for two years now. The dealer always seemed to recommend what their book said which seemed to be more than was necessary. I'm so glad that I heard about MD Motorwerke. Matt always calls me with a thorough evaluation of my car along with his recommendation for what it needs at that time. Later when I pick it up he always tells me what it will probably need at my next appointment in six months.

    I once worked at a large car dealership. Let me just say that people weren't always treated the best, especially women. Matt's prices have been very reasonable, much less than the dealer. Last month I finally needed brakes. Steve did a fantastic job upgrading my brakes with new calipers, rotors and pads. Now my brakes are better than they were new! Steve also installed an upgraded differential. He took great care to research and follow the factory instructions exactly. He did a very professional job. I highly recommend MD Motorwerke.

    2014 BMW 335
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  • Kelisa
    Kelisa3 years ago

    MD Motorwerke is THEE best hands down! Matt and Dan has kept my car up to date with routine maintenance. Recently I had an issue with my car. I took it to the dealership. I was quoted $21,797.54 to fix a my car. The terrible thing is the dealership could not figure out what the problem was but figured changing the cylinder heads would be a fix all to what ever it could be. I had my car towed to MD Motorwerke. Within four days my car was fixed with a part costing $350 needing to be replaced. Steve worked diligently to figure out what the issue was instead of guessing and charging me an astronomical price for a service that would not have fixed the issue. Steve I can not thank you enough!

    I love MD Motorwerke! The sitting area for quick work offers a soothing ambiance. You never leave here feeling ripped off. The mechanics will hold on to the parts removed from your vehicle to show what the issue was.

    As a female, often times you’re taken advantage of when getting your vehicle serviced. Not at MD Motorwerke. You leave there with full knowledge of what the issue was, the solution and what you may want to consider having serviced in the future.

    Great job Matt and Dan! Steve standing ovation!

    2012 BMW X6
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  • Peter
    Peter4 years ago

    Matt and Dan at MD Motorwerke have handled routine maintenance and repairs for our family since moving down here from CT. Kept my beloved e39 wagon going strong well past 350k miles till one of those storms came around after Sandy and one of our kids thought it was funny to open the windows + roof using the key fob. Wonder how many more miles she would have lasted with Matt and Dan's help. Replaced the wagon with a diesel X5 and look forward to professional and trustworthy service provided by these guys. Thanks again

    2011 BMW X5d
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  • Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick
    Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick5 years ago

    Amazing place. Friendly staff, who are very informative. They are also very much perfectionists at the work they do, as Matt called several times to ask detailed questions regarding my car. Lastly, I would like to say they are about 70% cheaper than having repairs done at the dealer. Yes, I said 70% cheaper. I highly recommend MD motorwerke in Somerdale, NJ for your BMW, MINI Cooper or Mercedes if you are looking for comprehensive services at unbelievable prices.

    1997 BMW x3
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  • Ted
    Ted5 years ago

    What I liked most about dealing the crew at MD Motorwerke was how everyone was no nonsense from top to bottom. I had an unfortunate scheduling issue and the PPI I wanted couldn't be performed until the next week, and they were more than happy to schedule us and did a great and thorough job on the car's inspection. I even had a great chat with Dan one of the owners I believe (I talked to everyone there so I might have names wrong, everyone was so friendly) about all sorts of life topics while waiting for the owner of the car I wanted to buy to arrive.

    They quickly laid out what it would cost to fix any issues, including removal of an aftermarket part that I wasn't sure I wanted in the car, and the pricing was upfront and very reasonable (its a car I just purchased so I'm sitting on that decision for a bit).

    Having owned two previous E36 M3's, I consider myself an expert on those cars as I was able to do a lot of maintenance myself, including replacement of the climate CCU by repairing a burned out transistor, .75 cents vs $2800 at BMW. But, I know next to nothing about most other models and their quirks and common issues. I use this example because while I may know a lot, or think I know about that car, the car I was having inspected was one I did not know well. But from my example you can see that I am always interested in the best solution, even if it requires more work on my part. They were very knowledgeable about any common issues, researched warranty coverage (extended Fuel pump for example) and going to this shop made the car buying experience go very smoothly for me.

    Their price also happened to be the lowest of any reputable BMW shop (seemed about $10 less quoted) because I am sure they value repeat customers far more than anything else.

    The only downside to my entire experience is that I am located >100 miles away making it tough for me personally to be a repeat customer. If there is a way to coordinate passing that way on a trip somewhere else, I might try to find a way to spend a day or night in Philly to let them fully service the car for any issues, and maybe even install some custom sound as they offered to help with (the fully optioned car somehow did not come with HK sound).

    For my purposes of buying a local car, I can't imagine if you are in the Philly area and surrounding suburbs going anywhere else.

    2013 BMW 135i
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  • Sam Lively
    Sam Lively5 years ago

    I was looking for someone to service my car other than a BMW "Stealership" that I would normally go to. After doing some research online, I came across MD Motorwerke and was immediately impressed by the positive customer reviews.

    Upon calling and making an appointment (which they squeezed me in) Matt was very polite and professional. The next morning when I arrived I met with Steve who is one of the mechanics and was very knowledgeable about my car and symptoms I was having. Steve gave me straight talk about my car and did not try to sell me anything that I didn't need. I'm please to say that my car is running like new with no issues. The cost was a fraction of what the "stealership" would have charged me! I'm happy that I can add my own positive review! Thanks again Steve, Matt and Dan

    2004 BMW 745 Li
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  • Donna
    Donna5 years ago

    I've been using MD Moterwerke for servicing my BMW for well over 10 years. The only reason I still have this old car is because they give such great service. Both Matt & Dan are very nice, professional and honest people. You can trust that they will do the best possible for you and your car. I want to keep my car as long as possible and have confidence in it's reliability...and I can do this because of Matt & Dan..

    2001 BMW X5
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  • Jenna
    Jenna5 years ago

    I take my 328xi to MD Motorwerke for everything! They are completely honest and always do a great job! I can say I've never been ripped off here. Unlike the dealership, they will say what has to be done right now or what can wait a little longer.

    2008 BMW 328xi
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  • Bill
    Bill6 years ago

    This was my second trip to MDMotorworke. Matt and Dan are the owners of this great place. Both are very Friendly and knowledgeable.It is very easy to get an appointment for service there. If you own a BMW, Mercedes or Mini, This is The Only place you should take your car for service.

    2011 BMW 328i XDrive
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  • Morgan
    Morgan6 years ago

    In a few words, honesty, integrity, professional and a damn fine dog on the premises. My son and I fancy ourselves shade tree mechanics but when the problem with his 2003 330xi extended beyond our abilities, M D Motorwerke fixed us right up. Thanks gentleman.

    2003 BMW 330xi
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  • Vince Wright
    Vince Wright6 years ago

    If you're looking for competent, trustworthy, professional, thorough and patient, friendly, "no nonsense" service for your Bimmer within the greater NJ, NY, DE, Philadelphia area, look no further. And I come all the way from Virginia, because they were so highly recommended by one of my best friends. Dan, Matt and everyone at MD Motorwerke are truly there to help you achieve your service goals. I started with my '04 X5 4.8is and will be following up with my '98 Z3 2.8 roadster... Don't wait too long to contact them, because I made "first contact" about 3 years ago and had to wait until some of their long-term clients moved out of the area. They're an extremely CLEAN, "small", intimate shop. This means they can give you and your Bimmer the full attention that it deserves. As an internationally published automotive photographer (, I'm now on the Board of the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH,, of which I've been a member since 1996. So, I'm very particular about who is allowed to be intimate with my vehicles. In fact, I'll be talking with them about my '96 Mercedes-Benz E300, which is the first year for that particular body style. In 5 years, it will be 25 years old, which will officially make it a classic. I also have a classic '86 Kenworth K100e class 8, 425 bhp CAT powered, 13 spd manual cabover that I will soon be using to transport vintage and classic vehicles, primarily from Florida up and down the I-95 corridor. No, MD won't be working on this beast. However, I will be looking for a shop of equal caliber to help me keep this classic on the road, too!

    2004 BMW X5
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  • Melissa
    Melissa6 years ago

    I was driving from Boston to Florida and my car broke down on the NJ Turnpike. Fortunately I had the good fortune to find Matt from MD Motorwerke on my iPhone and he stayed late for my tow truck to arrive to his shop and even arranged for a lovely B&B for me to stay. He promptly and thoroughly fixed the issues with my car and is truly a very good person who went more out of his way to help me. I only wish he was located in my neighborhood!

    2002 BMW 330xi
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  • Bobby
    Bobby7 years ago

    Outstanding service. My 2003 525i needed a lot of work done because it was running rough and stalling. They found and replaced everything that had failed, and even did a full look over of the car and told me what repairs I should plan for in the coming years.

    Will definitely come back to MD Motorwerke when I need more work done!

    2003 BMW 525i
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  • Duke
    Duke8 years ago

    What a great place, especially Matt who is a really nice and professional guy. After being at other places and the dealers, I am so glad to have found MD Motorwerke. I wish that I had found this place earlier. Thanks again Matt!

    2001 BMW 740i Sport
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  • Hector Ramos
    Hector Ramos8 years ago

    Exceptional Service! Dan & Matt and their staff are very professional and knowledgable. They took the time to explain the problem and provide important details. I was extremely satisfied and will referral them every time. Thank you, MD Motorwerke.

    2007 BMW 750 Li
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  • Angelika M.
    Angelika M.8 years ago

    I brought my car there at the recommendation of a friend (thank you, Keith!). The dealership told me I needed new axle seals and cautioned me on the valve gasket. Matt determined it only needed a new valve gasket and recommended I replace the air flow at some point, but it was not urgent. The axle seals were fine!! Matt prevented me from spending money on something that was not necessary so I can spend it on something I actually need down the road. I will never bring my car anywhere else and wish I had known about MD Motorwerke before! If you are looking for someone HONEST, PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED who will give you quality service for a good price take your car to Matt and Dan. They are trustworthy and really nice people. My Z4 found a new "home".

    2005 BMW 3.0I Z4
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  • Oz
    Oz8 years ago

    Just tell them the problem you have, leave the keys and wait inside. No drama, no lies, no scam. Hard to find good and honest people. I drive 100 miles each way from Jersey City every time I need a repair. Nobody knows these cars better than the Matt, Dan and Steve at MD Motorwerke. Period. They deserve every dollar they earn.

    2005 BMW x3 3 liter manual tran.
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  • Slawek W.
    Slawek W.9 years ago

    Great shop, these guys know their stuff, very honest and hard working. No BS, they just give you the facts. I took my 740iL w/Sport Package there to get it checked out and a list of work I wanted done, everything was handled very professionally and at reasonable prices. Top of the line shop, they go the xtra mile to do a good job and great attention to detail. They were recommended to me by a friend and now I recommend them to everyone I know. Wish I knew they were there sooner !

    2001 BMW Package
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  • Rob R.
    Rob R.10 years ago

    After reading the reviews of MD I decided to bring my 2006 325ci in for service. Another shop told me that my rear differential was leaking and quoted me what I believed to be a very high price, they also failed to investigate a noise that I reported to them - claiming they didn't hear it, the car had been making a rattle when driven at low speed or idle. I explained all of this to Matt and Dan, within a day they diagnosed both problems, I could tell they took the extra step of pin pointing exactly what was causing this rattle noise and fixed it, they also fixed the leak in the rear differential for a price that I was very pleased with. Overall, their customer service, knowlege, and price make it an easy decision to use them again for all future service/repair.

    2006 BMW Coupe
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  • Cathy B.
    Cathy B.10 years ago

    I recently purchased a 2002 535i, relying solely on Matt's input. I absolutely l love my new car! This car is in mint condition inside and out. I will only allow Matt or Dan to work on it if needed. I trust them thoroughly with it. It is well worth the drive up from Mays Landing to have it serviced. I never mind waiting in their waiting area......spotless! Thanks Matt!

    2002 BMW 535i
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  • Ivan G.
    Ivan G.10 years ago

    Thank you Matt, Dan and Steve for bringing my BMW back to life. The car had a unique mechanical breakdown and I considered giving up on her. Today I picked up my ride and she's running like new. These guys are the best technicians and their service charges are very fair.

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  • Bryan L
    Bryan L10 years ago

    As a first time BMW owner that pretty much knows nothing about cars. It was very important for me to find a reliable, fair priced, and most importantly TRUSTWORTHY mechanic to service my BMW once the warranty expired. I found just that in MD Motorwerke. I was referred to MD Motorwerke by a co worker and I have been going there every since for routine maintenance and a couple of headaches. I would described the owners Matt and Dan as "straight shooters" and that is exactly what I want when dealing with a repair shop.

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  • Kevin (Khue) Le
    Kevin (Khue) Le10 years ago

    You can't go wrong with Matt, Dan and Steve. They are very friendly, honest, professional and knowledgeable. My Mercedes E320 2004 is running much better after transmission services at MD Motorwerke (Dan). And today Matt had done for my BMW X5 2004 transmission output shaft seal, drive extension gasket and transfer case shaft seal. Most of people don't want to mess with BMW transmission and I trust Matt and Dan for their services. I hightly recommend Matt and Dan. If you want your BMW/MB cars are last long , bring to Matt and Dan and Steve.

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  • Nick Chinappi
    Nick Chinappi11 years ago

    Having been a long time customer of MD Motorwerke, it was no surprise that I turned to them for advice and pre-purchase inspection of my current 06 BMW 550i. Not only did Matt give me honest opinions, he actually showed me where potential problems were on my 550, saving me thousands off the dealer asking price. Six months later I was in the market for new headlight modules. Matt, Dan and Steve had me installed, coded, and up and running while I waited. If your looking for repairs, MD will not only save you hundreds if not thousands off dealer and local shop prices, they will provide better than dealer level service, and treat you like family.

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  • Dina
    Dina11 years ago

    My "SES" light came on intermittently for a couple of weeks. I generally take my 2006 X5 to the dealership but someone referred me to Dan and Matt. And I am glad they did. Honest and prompt service. Their pricing was fair.

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  • james miller
    james miller11 years ago

    Matt, is a God with BMW's . not all people have the touch to work on German cars. Matt is the best . I have had a 1976 2002 and a 1984 325e that Matt has worked on. when i sold the 325 it had 286000 miles and still was going strong, this is a safe bet shop.

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  • Sharon Sommers
    Sharon Sommers11 years ago

    I have been going to MD motorwerkes for 10yrs. Dan and Matt are always accomadating even on the shortish notice. When I got a BMW in 2001, the car had 30,000mi now I have 210,000. I had my car 1yr and I needed a catalytic converter. I went to MD and they called DeSimone because they said it should be covered under the BMW warranty up to 80miles. It was. Dan & Matt could have easily just did the work and charged me. But that's what good, honest guys these are. I recommend them whenever I can. I always say a great mechanic is as imortant as a good doctor . Thanks Dan and Matt you're the BEST !!

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  • Rich Harte
    Rich Harte11 years ago

    It has been 2 years and 2 (2003 530i and 1999 323i) BMW's and I keep bringing them to the guys at MD. I continue to get the right guidance on "need to fix now" and "it can wait" repairs. Only one thing has changed, they've improved their waiting room!

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  • Bill Garrity
    Bill Garrity12 years ago

    Where to begin, I started going to MD Motorwerke about six years ago. I had a white 2001 325i 5spd, What really impressed me about Matt and Dan was the knowledge they had. When they fixed your car they did not just fix it they explained it to you educating you along the way. One day my girlfirends sister called me it was about to rain and her sunroof would not close, I told her to call MD Motorwerkes that is where I go. Later I found out she drove up there, they were able to close her top and they sent her on her way without charging her, that is just the type of guys they are. Recently I purchased a 2004 M3 which I aksed for advice before buying, let me tell you I was at the shop everyday on my way home from work because I value everything they say, they steered me away from one vehicle and pointed me in the direction of the M3 I now have. I had them do some repairs that were needed which were done by Steve an incredible mechanic who was able to diog the problems and get the M3 purring again, he really puts a lot of thought into what he is doing and does not stop untill everything is perfect. They dedicated so much time into this venture for me, that I could never thank them enough. Matt, Dan, and Steve are more than just guys that work on my car, the knowledge they have between the three of them is very impressive , because of my BMW I not only found the best mechanics around, but I found three great friends, that I would recommend everyone to take your BMW, MERCEDES, OR MINI to their shop .

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  • Jim Lehrfeld
    Jim Lehrfeld12 years ago

    I have been continually impressed with the level of service provided by Matt and Dan at M.D. Motorwerke. I have been a customer since their opening several years ago and have owned several different Mercedes, BMW and Mini Coopers which they have taken care of for me. Not only are they professional mechanics, they also own and drive the cars they service. Dan drives his BMW M5 on the racetrack with a bicycle rack on the roof and passes other drivers in much faster cars including Porsches and Corvettes. Their shop is always kept clean and they have all of the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary for minor and major repairs on BMW's and Mercedes. I have recommended them to all of my freinds without hesitation and the feedback is always excellent.

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  • Darin P
    Darin P12 years ago

    Honest Service. I had the experience to deal Matt, Dan, and Steve. They all know their stuff, and compliment each other well. Their shop is meticulous and their operation very well organized. My experience was a little more involved and little more nerve racking. I own a 1998 740IL, which needed a 2nd opinion on an Intake Manifold issue. Vehicle continued to blow out white smoke from the exhaust. Prior servicer had suggested a new motor, potential bad piston ring. With this said, I wanted a 2nd opinion. Luckily I found these guys on the internet !!. Following further testing and work on the car, MD did confirm my vehicle needed a new engine. After dealing with Matt and Steve on the work they did do to confirm the bad motor, I was comfortable enough with them in proceeding to have my 4.4 litre completely rebuilt and installed by these guys. The motor is now installed and runs nicely. Pricing was fair. I highly suggest anyone that owns a BMW or Mercedes, to have their vehicle serviced by these guys. As many others stated in these testimonies, these guys don't give you bullshit like many others do. I am a very picky myself, along with being a huge car enthusiast. I asked many questions, these guys did not feel challenged or defensive, they clearly took the time to answer any questions I had. They clearly showed interest in making me happy on my decision to have the engine rebuilt versus giving up on the car. Following the money I have invested, I believe the 740 still outweighs driving any used car I could have bought to replace my car. Thanks MDmotorwerke...

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  • Dave Selick
    Dave Selick12 years ago

    Model: 2001 740i Sport

    Mileage: 124,000

    I found MD Motorwerks through the E38 forum that included a Bimmerboard link w/a listing of independent service centers. I'm in central Jersey & found the MD website, so I visited the site & read customer comments. I was impressed w/customer responses & their experience working w/Matt & Dan. Following a discussion w/Matt I was sold.

    The car needed front & rear shocks, mounts, bushings, etc., engine work: coils, plugs, fuel injector cleaning & brakes. The 7 now handles & performs like the day I bought it & this car is almost 10 yrs. old. These are ultimate driving machines, however they need to be repaired by knowledgeable & experienced mechanics & not the 'we do it all' repair shops. Outstanding work at a reasonable price & they get it right the first time. I would recommend MD to anyone w/a German car.......thx again.

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  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson12 years ago

    After getting an outrageous quote from the dealer and they were still not sure what the main problem was with my car. I was very upset about their fees & diagnosis. I called a friend who used to work at a BMW dealership, he referred me to MD Motorwerke. I felt like I won the lottery. The pricing, the service & the diagnosis was great. If you want great service at the right price, MD motorwerke is the way to go. Matt & Steve made my day. Great job!

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  • Mohamed Shariff
    Mohamed Shariff12 years ago

    Car: 2004 BMW 330i bought used with 150,000 miles

    Problems: SES light, erratic idol, sharp noises from engine bay at 2500 RPM

    Solution: They diagnosed the problems, fixed them, and performed additional preventative care.

    Review: Listen if your reading this consider yourself lucky. There's a lot of solutions out there for problems with your BMW, the guy at autozone telling you its your MAF orone of 4 O2 sensors and to the people on the forums telling you the DIY techniques.

    I tried the simple stuff. It didn't work. People if its obvious then any competent mechanic can fix it. The fact is you went and bought a BMW, as did I, now give yourself the piece of mind by bringing your car to MD Motorwerke. There is no drama at this shop. You bring the car - Say whats wrong - They look it over - Confirm & Repair upon your approval - You Pay (they're worth ever cent) - Your Car and You are = :)

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  • Terry
    Terry12 years ago

    I discovered MD Motorwerke almost by accident surfing the internet and I gave them a near impossible task and they delivered. I towed in a 2008 BMW 550i which had needed a lot of stuff taken care off as the result of a collision to make it roadworthy again. One thing that immediately struck me about these guys is their passion for these cars, it’s almost contagious and knowledge was quite in depth.

    First off, they diagnosed the starting issue as the BST cable needed replacing and then Matt, in his quiet manner, explained to me that there were numerous other issues that needed to be fixed to make the car roadworthy again and so it started. He turned Steve loose on the car and they diagnosed and fixed everything from the stereo, wiring, airbags, O2 sensors, horn, you name it they fixed it. I was able to take this car for the inspection and it passed with flying colors, now I’m really enjoying driving this car.

    One of the best parts was the cost, it’s comparably far cheaper than other shops and most importantly it was done right. Thanks MD Motorwerke and special kudos to Steve for an excellent job. I definitely recommend MD Motorwerke for any job, big or small.

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  • Butch McHale
    Butch McHale12 years ago

    We purchased a 1999 323i for our 17 year old son. When we first got the car the check engine light was on as well as the ASC light. We were told by the seller he would have it checked out. (He is a BMW service manager in a near by state). He told us they could find nothing wrong with the engine light so they cleared the code. As for the ASC light we were told this would not prevent the car from going through NJ inspection. It failed inspection for OBD failure so we took the car to a local mechanic we had dealt with before. They could not do anything and suggested we take it to a BMW dealer. We did and were told the check engine light was due to a bad gas cap and hose and the OBD failure was due to a bad ASC module. We told them to replace the gas cap and hose only. That cost $386.00. It would be $1400.00 to replace the ASC module and program the new one. We took the car back to the seller who offered to replace the ASC module and program the unit if we split the cost of the ASC module and we did. Back to inspection and it failed again. OBD failure. Somewhere along the way we had found M D Motorworks web site. I called and talked to Matt and explained the whole story to him at that time he scheduled appointment for us and said he would be out of town but Dan would take care of us. We dropped the car off and $40.00 later we drove through the inspection station and passed. One local mechanic and two BMW dealers later. Thank you Matt and Dan, I thought we were going to end up with a BMW flower pot. I have told many BMW owners about your great service and will continue to. Once again thank you from one of your newest customers.

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  • adrian howell
    adrian howell12 years ago

    In the past I had work done on my 525I with MD Motorwerke and was very pleased with my service repairs as well as the knowledge of owners Matt and Dan. I had my friends 323i taken there recently and was once again thrilled with the experience. I priced the work at the dealership on both cars and was amazed at the difference in price from MD , not to mention the charge for the dealerships hourly rate. If anyone is thinking of servicing their BMW or any other German car I strongly encourage them to visit MD Motorwerke

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  • Michael Nolan
    Michael Nolan12 years ago

    I couldn't say enough about my 2 great experiences with MD! I've had my '01 325CiC serviced by 4 different BMW dealers since I purchased her new. Although I've had good service advisers along the way, they pale in comparison to my experiences with MD. Matt & Dan have been great to work with, and at a price that the dealers couldn't touch on their best days.

    In October of '09 I was at a point where I was trying to decide whether or not to keep my aging baby. At 215K, she was burning a lot of oil and sounding a little clunky. Not wanting to pay dealer pricing, I searched the web for a good BMW mechanic and decent pricing. I came across this site and read all the great reviews. Feeling very confident that they would do a good job and at a good price, I called and spoke with them. While I was describing the symptoms and my situation to them over the phone, they mentioned what they believed was causing the problems. I scheduled the appointment, they checked the car out and called me with an estimate. Let me tell you, they pretty much nailed the solutions to the problems, OVER THE PHONE, before they even saw the car! The estimate was better than I expected for the work that needed to be done. When I picked up the car, it ran great and the pricing came in right where they said it would. I had high expectations after reading the reviews here, and they managed to surpass them.

    When I went in to pick her up, Matt sat with me and went over the repairs that were done, answered my questions and even told me that since I had not replaced my fuel pump in all those miles, that I should plan on getting it done soon. This leads to my 2nd trip. 6 months and about 5K later, I found out HE REALLY KNOWS BMWs! Unfortunately, after a bad winter and a busy schedule, I didn't get the car back in time. I had it towed in and they replaced the fuel pump. I mentioned some other items to him and he checked the car out. Letting me know that there are a few more things to do, but none were critical, I picked her up and was completely happy and even more impressed with MD. (I'm planning on bring it back soon to address those additional repairs, this time before it's a problem.)

    If you own a Merc or a BMW and want to deal with knowledgeable, honest people, get outstanding service and all at reasonable prices, call MD Mortorwerke.

    Thanks guys!

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  • Robert Dougherty
    Robert Dougherty13 years ago

    Dan and Matt are the best BMW mechanics around!! I have been going to Dan for over 10 years when he was working out of a small garage. He did all the performance upgrades on my 1998 323is and serviced it for the 10 years I had it. It always ran perfect!!! Matt and Dan are upfront guys and can be trusted, not only to do incredible work but at the right price. To get me to trust you is not easy!! If you are looking to buy any BMW take it there first before you purchase.Matt will give you an expert analysis of the car. For a small fee of course. Now I'm taking my 2000 540iM to Matt for service and i hope to have it for a long time.

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  • Tony Orsi
    Tony Orsi13 years ago

    Great Service Center! Matt and Dan are friendly, knowledgeable, and truly interested in your Bimmer’s needs. It was worth the 45 min. ride from Trenton to have my Inspection II performed. Matt even installed a clutch delay valve that was delivered to me last minute when I picked up the car. If I have any issues in the future I’m going back, no question about it.

    Thanks again guys, and Happy Holidays!

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  • David Som
    David Som13 years ago

    They know their cars inside/out.... We have used them for 4 years since we move to the area. They have kept our Benz running like old faithful with over 170K on the odometer.

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  • Howard Garonzik
    Howard Garonzik13 years ago

    I have been a customer of MD Motorweke for the past 4 years. I have never found any service center as knowledgeable, or honest as these guys..! I have always been very particular about who services my car, as I do a lot of sales related driving. When I have any work done at MD I am confident that the work is done PROPERLY ......with the CORRECT PARTS.....and at at price that is extremely reasonable. It is not often that you can go into a shop ,actually speak

    to an owner, and know that you are getting truthfull, accurate information about

    the service to be done on your car. It's worth a trip in to see them...!

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  • P Kumar
    P Kumar13 years ago

    I just picked up my first BMW (an old '91 525i) and it badly needed some exhaust repairs...everywhere I searched; the parts and labor seemed to be way more than what I paid to buy the car. I called Matt and told him my problem after reading all the good reviews that I saw online. I believed he would help me. I visited them this morning and Matt was just like all the other customers said - understanding, patient and most importantly - kind. He knew I had a financial issue paying for expensive repairs and did a stopgap fix on my car until I had the money to pay for new parts. And he charged me for just an hour's worth of work!! Not to mention topping up my coolant, oil and replacing the oil filler cap all within the amount - just cos he understood my situation. Good people with honest values are hard to come by in a business these days. I'll vouch for MD's service anytime, anyplace.

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  • Val Traore
    Val Traore13 years ago

    Thanks for posting this site and listing MD Motowerke as a facility. Like the rest of the post here about MDMotor, I too have had a postive experience. I needed alot of stuff done but as anyone, I was also looking for a bargain. The price Matt quoted was steep but when I looked at everything and experience the new smooth feel of my car, I felt it was reasonable. Matt even called a couple times after to check up on how everything was going. Considering that they are a two man shop and he takes the time out to make a call says alot about customer service and integrity. You feel that you are dealing with people who value integrity and good relationships. Very rare in the auto repair business. I would highly recommend this company.

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  • Frank
    Frank13 years ago

    Top notch service and pricing! I really cannot say a single negative thing about my experience with MD!!

    Matt and Dan are the perfect model for customer service that every single small business owner, or anyone looking to start a business, should learn from. They are both quite knowledgeable about the product (BMW/Mercedes Autos and parts), know how to best maintain them, and know when things do (and sometimes as important, do NOT) need service. They only fix what you came in for, and they won't try to sell you a part/repair job you didn't ask for (or don't need). They are very good at recommending when you may want to address an issue, and are incredibly good at patiently explaining their work at a layman's level.

    I bought my '02 525i last summer, knowing full well that repairs for it would probably be expensive. There was no way I was using a dealership as my go-to solution for repairs and service, so I asked around and many folks recommended MD. I now proudly and confidently recommend them to other BMW owners tired of the dealership experience.

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  • Rich Harte
    Rich Harte13 years ago

    Matt was terrific. He took the time to listen to my issues and then went on two separate test drives with me to be sure he got the correct diagnosis. There is no question in my mind that this is the place for your BMW needs. The 45 minute drive each way is not an issue when you know things are done correctly and at a price much fairer than any dealer.

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  • Ricky Sandhu
    Ricky Sandhu13 years ago

    These guys were great. They performed a valve adjustment on my E46 M3 and they did a fantastic job. Dan listened to all my comments, took notes and looked into everything I requested. The labor charges were very reasonable too. These guys are down to earth, trustworthy and reliable. I would definitely go to them for all my future services.

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  • Jason
    Jason13 years ago

    Outstanding Sevice!!! I first started using MD 5 years ago with my first BMW 3 series. Right from the start, Matt and Dan were extremely professional and a world of knowledge when it comes to BMW's. They are straight shooters and you always know up front the costs involved with the work they are doing. When I first started using them I shopped around to make sure they were competetive and I always found them to come in more reasonable than anyone. I now have a 5 series and do not shop around anymore. Any time I need something done I immediately call Matt or Dan and schedule the appointment with them because I know I will be well taken care of. If you are out of your BMW service warranty, my advice is to call MD Motorwerke. Forget the dealership, I promise you will not be dissappointed!! These guys are top notch!

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  • Marty:
    Marty:13 years ago

    I started going to MD Motorwerke in 2002 for repairs on my 1995 525i BMW. All the work that was ever performed on my BMW by this shop was top notch and performed at a reasonable / fair price. Don't waste your time going to the dealers once your warranty expires. These guys can do it all and will fix your car the right way the first time and have you back on the road in no time. My BMW has 242,000 miles and is still going strong. I have been to BMW dealers across South Jersey before finding this shop and the bottom line is..... you will not be disappointed and any repair performed will be done by two of the most honest mechanics I know.

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  • David
    David13 years ago

    I went to MD Motorwerke after my '03 745Li was "fixed" by another shop. They corrected the issues left unresolved by the first shop and charged a very fair price. I am about to call MD Motorwerke for more work.


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  • Marc Y.
    Marc Y.13 years ago

    Terrific, terrific shop! My '04 325i was just out of warranty, and I was having symptoms of a stuck thermostat (engine not warming up properly). Dan was really helpful on the phone and gave me straightforward estimates. I'm kind of a wannabe gearhead and asked a lot of (probably annoying!) questions, and he answered everything patiently and honestly. In addition to the thermostat, I asked him to check the belts and pulleys (had recurring problems that the dealer never seemed to fully resolve), and said I was considering changing the water pump as a preventative measure; he could have easily swayed me to do the extra work, but after checking the car he said everything looked fine and there was no need. No BS whatsoever, just solid, practical recommendations - I do a lot of research on the web, and everything he said jived perfectly with the best expert opinions I found.

    Parts cost and labor rate are very competitive, and the service is great - dropped it off the night before and was washed and ready to go by early the next afternoon. My dealer is known for good service (by dealer standards at any rate), but MD is way better, and I saved hundreds of dollars as well.

    I live about 100 miles away in Jersey City, but fortunately I have family that's walking distance from MD, so I planned a trip specifically to give the shop a try - I was not disappointed! Was well worth the trip - I'll definitely be bringing my car back whenever possible. Thanks again Dan!

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  • Rugiatu Mussaffa
    Rugiatu Mussaffa14 years ago

    Let me declare right up from...M.D. Motorwerks of Somerdale, NJ are the most experienced, most honest and most professional BMW service shop I have ever come acorss. I found them on January 7, 2009 after a bitter experience with two BMW dealers. Let me explain my experience:

    I had a problem with my BMW 540i which had shut down and couldn't start due to a faulty EWS. I towed it to dealer #1. They spent over 2.5 hours at the rate of $169.95 per hour (which I later found that was not their normal rate they charge), just to diagnose the problem, even though a mechanic had already suspected the EWS which I told Open Road. They then declared they will fix it for $1023.00 NOT INCLUDING THE DIAGNOSIS CHARGE OF $270.00.

    So I refused for them to fix it because I had found out from calling another BMW Dealer (dealer #2), that dealer #1 was overcharging me by more than $50.00 per hour compared to them and other dealers. I then had my car towed to dealer #2. When I got there I told them of the diagnose already determined but they said they had to do their own.

    Two days later dealer #2 called to say that they have spent 1.5 hours already and have still not fully determined the problem. They then asked me to authorize them 3 hours of diagnosis time at the rate of $116.95 per hour. Hence 3.0 hours will cost over $350 plus tax just for diagnosis. I again refused and decided to take my car somewher else or wait till I can come up with the $1,000 plus the dealers were asking. BY NOW I HAVE SPENT ALMOST $500.00 IN DEALER DIAGNOSIS AND TOWING ALONE.

    That's when I went to the Internet to find out BMW Specialists, and BINGO! THAT'S WHEN I FOUNF THIS SITE ( And then found M.D. MOTORWERKS of Somerdale, NJ. They were a life saver, professional, experienced and very very honest and inexpensive. They took less than 30 minutes to diagnose the problem and THEY CHARGED ME A TOTAL OF $300.00 TO FIX MY CAR plus the cost of a second key. In effect, they were cheaper in fixing the car than what dealer #2 would have charged to only diagnose the car.

    The people at M.D. Motorwerk had nothing but BMW and Mercedes Benz cars in their shop, THESE GUYS ARE TRUE EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS FAR BETTER THAN BMW DEALERS. I can say that with confidence and fact because each of the two BMW dealers wanted no less than 3 hours to diagnose a simple EWS problem, but they did it in less than 30 minutes while I was waiting.


    Rugiatu Mussaffa

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  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith14 years ago


    This space is insufficient to give a truly proper comment on MD Motorwerkes. Matt & Dan are highly experienced German car mechanics and know EVERY ASPECT of these cars, including non-mechanical items like trim & body work. If you live in the Greater Philadelphia region, you WILL NOT be able to get a higher, more thorough & reliable level of service for your BMW or Mercedes at a very reasonable cost. MD Motorwerkes takes steps to ensure that they not only properly diagnose & effect repairs, but they also ensure that all aspects of your German driving experience are sound & that no hidden problems lurk.

    I own a '99 323i, and MD has worked on it exclusively for over 2 years. At 137,000 miles, my car is every bit as mechanically sound as it was when I first bought it. Matt & Dan have not only performed routine maintenance, but helped solve very intricate mechanical problems permanently without any excess cost or headache. I will always use this shop for my cars. Matt & Dan are each lifelong owners of these cars as well, and are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and good to do business with. They will make every attempt to accomodate you, even on short notice.

    The bottom line: if you want the highest level of service possible without going broke and to drive away with a strong feeling of confidence that your car is every bit as certfied as when you bought it, take your business to MD Motorwerkes.

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  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones14 years ago

    MD Motorwerke is fantastic. I have been a customer since 2002. During the past 6 years they have done all the service on my cars including a 328i, 540i, and M3. They are extremely knowledgeable, have the latest equipment and tools, and charge very reasonable rates (no more trips to the Stealer!).

    The greatest testament to MD Motorwerke’s outstanding service is that I currently live in Maryland, but continue to bring my cars to Matt and Dan. They are that good. I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • Bruce Hegel
    Bruce Hegel14 years ago

    Dan and Matt are both excellent. I have been going to the shop for more than 10 years from their first shop to the current location in Somerdale. I have had them work on two BMW's, both 7 series. Not only do they do a good job at fair price compared to the dealerships, they are both very honest and hard working guys. I would recommend them highly. I have used Sussman in Pleasantville, DeSimone in Marlton and Turnersville BMW from time to time over the last decade and always regret it after the fact. Matt and Dan are the guys!!

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  • Dan Vecsi
    Dan Vecsi14 years ago

    I dealt with the owner, Matt C., to service and tune up my BMW X3. Not only did I find out that they do great work, but Matt is also an Iron Man athlete. The level of service was up there on that level. It was a pleasure doing business with him and the price was more than reasonable. I highly recommend M.D. Motorwerke in Somerdale. TOP O THE NOTCH!

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  • John Pierce
    John Pierce15 years ago

    Outstanding shop. I highly recommend Matt and Dan. They are honest, professional, and knowledgable. My 1998 BMW 318ti had a heating problem (no heat inside the car) that a BMW dealer was unable to solve in two (expensive) visits. Matt diagnosed the cause of the problem almost as soon as I had identified it. His diagnosis- that the cable had separated from the heater box- was right on and he fixed the problem at a very reasonable price. Their service is tremendous, their prices are competitive, and their knowledge of German cars is considerable. They are an excellent choice for any BMW or Mercedes owner.

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  • Michael Lehotsky
    Michael Lehotsky15 years ago

    Outstanding service,and knowledge.I trust them completely.I know a snow job when its about to happen, and these guys are honest as the day is long. They don't overdo the bimmerspeak, and I like that.

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