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In 1983 Larry founded PMW. Larry's new business partner is Yung S.Tan (Wing) since 2003; he is a Master Technician with 23+ years experience and a BOSCH Certified Technician.

Pinnacle Motor Works, Inc. specializes in all German automobiles. They have a state of the art shop and all equipment is up to date.

The Pinnacle Team

Larry M. Goodman is the Owner and President of Pinnacle Motor Works Inc. (PMW) and he is a car enthusiast. Larry's first car was a 1958 190 Diesel Mercedes. He started his career with a Mercedes dealership after graduating College at the Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1975. Larry acquired his USA Master ASE Technician L1 Certification in 1997. He worked for a Mercedes dealership in Plainfield, NJ from 1975 until 1978 and the Ray Catena BMW dealership between 1978 and 1983 as a technician.

The shop currently has 6 factory trained employees and they are helping Larry's dream of a perfect Service Center come through.

Certifications & Affiliations

  • State Approved Vehicle Repair
  • State Emissions Inspection
  • State Emissions Repair
  • State Safety Inspection

PMW has all the electronic and computerized diagnostic tools, that any dealership and makes sure that all their technicians and staff are continuously participating in current training and education courses to keep up with the latest advancements of automotive technology. While they are specializing in European models if you have any other make or model as second or third car they will be happy and qualified to take care of those automobiles too.

Awards & Affiliations

ASE CertifiedASE Certified
Bosch ServiceBosch Service

15 Reviews

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman6 months ago

    In the hopes of acquiring some help on what I though was an awesome purchase on a classic 95 850ci, I approached this company doubting they would help me, giving the experiences I've had in the last couple of days. I was completely wrong. The secretary was friendly, not the bulldogs I've encountred. Not only were they friendly but they willing to give me ideas on what to do myself and what steps to take before taking the leap of towing the car there. Full of knowledge and patient. So far this will be who I'll consider to repair this car. Updates to come after they repair vehicle.

    1995 BMW 850 Ci
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  • Denise O.
    Denise O.5 years ago

    Larry at Pinnacle Motor Works was terrific at diagnosing 2 challenging problems, one involving the starter and the other a dashboard light that came on for no reason. He explained every step to me and solved both. Thanks, Larry! And thanks to my fellow BMW owners for recommending him on this site.

    2008 BMW X3
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  • George
    George6 years ago

    I was experiencing an issue with the dash lights and one of the tail lights. I took my car to someone that I had service a previous car and after almost a month, they came back and told me that I needed a new chassis wire harness (roughly $2,700). I told them, no thanks, and then began looking for a local mechanic to diagnose my car (didn't trust the previous one at all!).

    A couple weeks later, I was referred by a friend to Pinnacle. I took my car to them and they had it fixed by the end of the next day! I was very pleased to find that I actually didn't need to spend as much as I was told originally!

    I also found the complementary inspection to be highly valuable in bringing to light other issues that will need to be addressed down the line. That way I will be able to plan accordingly and not be surprised!

    I was very happy with the service I received and I will definitely be returning!

    1992 BMW 318ic
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  • Lloyd
    Lloyd6 years ago

    Pinnacle was great. I took a CPO car that I was contemplating buying. They gave me an appointment for the next morning & were very friendly. At first I didn't think that I needed a second opinion since the car is covered by another 3 years of warranty. However, Pinnacle earned their money. They pointed out that three of the rims were bent & needed to be repaired. At first the dealer said that the wheels had been checked as part of the CPO process, but later conceded that the rims were bent & repaired all three. A significant savings since wheels aren't covered by warranty.

    2011 BMW 328i convertible
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  • Matt Jenkin
    Matt Jenkin7 years ago

    Excellent experience. BMW dealership treatment, same quality service and less price. I would go back definitely for next service go around. No hard sells on ancillary projects, but fast convenient service and car is riding as new. Very good experience. Recommend highly. Forget the dealership.

    2002 BMW 330ci
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  • Jack Gaffney
    Jack Gaffney7 years ago

    Larry has been servicing both our 2003 BMW X-5 and 1997 BMW Z-3 for the last few years. Each car had been serviced at the BMW dealer and I was pleased to find Larry through a recommendation from a friend. Each car has had some significant repairs and in each situation Larry has clearly explained the issues and done a first class job. He also does a thorough review at each service and has detected problems that needed attention. While we recently moved to Morristown we still take our business to Larry given the quality work. I'm glad to recommend Larry and his company to other owners wanting professional workmanship.

    BMW X-5 and Z-3
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  • Oleh Kaniuka
    Oleh Kaniuka8 years ago

    My relationship with Pinnacle began when i needed a bulb for the brake light on my 911 Turbo, and did not have 1/2 day to spend bringing it to the dealer and waiting for it. I called Pinnacle and Larry said to just bring the car over. He took about 5 minutes to replace the bulb, and refused to even charge me for it. This current visit was to replace the actuator on the driver's side door lock of my E46 M3 and to fix a leak in the windshield washer. The car is 10 yrs old, but only has 50K mi. Pinnacle took care of those items, and upon inspection of the car, discovered a few other items that needed urgent attention (compressor belt, power steering fluid, etc.) After getting authorization from me, they went ahead and completed the repairs. It was raining when i picked up the car, so as I was leaving, Larry reminded me to make sure I bring the car back for a complementary wash. Larry is the kind of person who you can spend 1 minute speaking with, and you get the impression that this guy REALLY knows what he is doing. I am glad I discovered Pinnacle- especially since it is so close to my home.

    2003 BMW M3
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  • Paul Michaelis
    Paul Michaelis8 years ago

    Larry grew up as my neighbor and I've known him for more years than I'll admit to. I must say, Larry and his organization truly know their "stuff". I've been taking our cars to him for service for years and he has dealt with VW, Porsche, BMW with equal skills. When I purchased my new Panamera, he went to the trouble of obtaining a diagnostic software program when none other than the factory PWIS was available. He is through and completely professional, when he explains that some service is necessary, you can believe him which is more than I can say for many in the business. I would, and often do, recommend Pinnacle Motor Works, something I rarely do because my personal reputation is on the line when I do so.

    2004 BMW 330Ci
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  • Anthony Marciano
    Anthony Marciano8 years ago

    My whole family and I have been taking our cars to Larry for years - Acura, Mercedes, Audi, BMW. I know him personally and he is as good a guy as you get - straightforward and honest, professional, let's you know upfront what you need and what could be done but might be optional. Amazing customer service, he always is okay with us paying after the fact, doesn't ask for deposits, is okay with key drops, just makes the whole experience so easy and convenient. Plus, if you keep taking your car there, they have all the records of what they have done and know your vehicle. I have never ever had any problems here in all my years using Pinnacle and love their service, they have even fixed things for free for me as a favor, they really treat loyal customers well and are way more reliable than dealers or sketchy local mechnics but they have all the same computer systems and use only dealer-approved factory parts. My cars have been running smoothly for years. He also can refer you out to people like auto body shops if that's what you need, and he has done some cool work for me that goes beyond repair like installing parking sensors in my BMW, etc. You have to at least give these guys a chance, you won't regret it!!

    2006 BMW 325xi
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  • Thomas Lekai
    Thomas Lekai8 years ago

    I have a classic E34 M5 which really did not have too much service for a few years as I work from home. The car started to get very sloshy and spongy, and all I used to do were service calls for Oil and such.

    I decided that I needed to have the AC rebuilt on the car as the whole system was shot. One shop wanted to rip out my entire dash, but I read on the message boards that there was a way of changing the dash components through glove box access.

    I called Pinnacle and asked them if they can do the job for the suggested book hours. That is how my relationship started with this shop. I have owned this car for about 14 years, and I am not suggesting that I will waste money on it, but I do want to have value for what I pay for.

    Pinnacle looked over the car and came up with about 15 jobs that were recommended due to the age of the car. Considering the list was long and costly, I started to work through the list in installments. Once I did the first 5 jobs in order of priority, the change in the car was so profound in a few months I brought the car back for the rest of the work, as well as the rebuild of the AC systems.

    The best part, I never had to fix the same repair twice, and Pinnacle even made custom fixes to resolve unexpected issues. The shop is also filled with some high end cars as well, so I can tell that if other clients trust Pinnacle with high end Porsches and classic Mercedes collectibles, I am in good company.

    1991 BMW M5
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  • James W Brown
    James W Brown8 years ago

    Where do you go when you have an immaculate low mileage 2003 BMW Z4 that fails to the NJ State emmision tests on a computer technicality?

    Well from my experience you dont waste your time with BMW dealer garages who showed little or no interest to help even though one was the original new car dealer. In desperation we even contacted BMW USA for help and was told that their technical team were not available to the public and was directed back to the dealer organisation. A true Catch 22 situation that left us with a great car that we couldnt use on the roads!

    As a last resort we found on your website PINNACLE MW and even though from one review and the initial exterior impression ( it only looks like a professional garage when you get inside) we decided to ask for help.

    The best decision I ever made for this car.

    After exhaustive tests and trials where Larry, the President of the company, took a personal interest and responsibility he was able to make some modifications that allowed the car to pass the NJ tests.During the time the car was in the shop we were kept well informed of all the progress that was being made and even some of the blind alleys that they tried.

    We are again the proud owners and users of a Z4 and have only have Larry and his team to thank for their personal determination and dedication to solve this problem.

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  • John Zur
    John Zur9 years ago

    My BMW 325xi came off the dealer warranty - so I was looking for a nearby service center that had extensive experience with BMWs when I came across Pinnacle in this Bimmer Shops forum. I was a little hesitant at 1st based on the 1st review that is posted but I decided I'd give them a try anyway.

    I had my oil and filter changed and the car fully checked out. They discovered my front rims were bent and that my tires were shot. They showed me exactly what was wrong to my satisfaction. This definitely explained why there was so much road noise and a rough ride from my car.

    Larry took the time to answer all of my questions and provided a competitive estimate (which I compared with other shops as well as dealers).

    I had all the work done within a week and the car rides even better than when I took it off the show room floor in 2006.

    I HIGHLY recommend Larry as a person with integrity and Pinnacle Motors as an experienced, knowledgeable, HONEST and competitively priced place to have all your repairs done.

    I plan on returning for any work required on my BMW in the future.

    I couldn't be happier.

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  • Charlotte
    Charlotte9 years ago

    I recently moved to the area and needed a reliable mechanic to oversee the maintenance of my 2003 BMW 325 Ci. I few warning lamps signaled on my dash and I took my car to Pinnacle to have it checked out. They told me that once I dropped the car off, the battery was completely dead and would not start, so the battery need to be replaced immediately. This seemed odd to me, as the battery showed no signs of failure prior to this date. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and they replaced the battery.

    I had them speak with my father who lives in another state, as he more knowledgeable about cars than I. After Pinnacle realized that I was a single female living away from home, it is my opinion that Pinnacle chose to capitalize on this “opportunity” and take advantage of my ill-perceived ignorance and my parents’ fear of my lack of reliable transportation. They immediately called me and stated that in order to solve all my car’s problems, they would have to complete several repairs, at an estimated cost of over $3600. Taking my father’s advice, I retrieved my car and got a second opinion.

    Upon having the car checked by a second shop, I was told that several of the “necessary” repairs outlined by Pinnacle were actually nonexistent. For example, Pinnacle told me that my rim was bent, and that my tire was worn dangerously low (even though the tire looked perfectly normal to me). The second opinion told me that the rim did present a scratch, which was only of cosmetic significance, and the tires were in perfectly good condition.

    Secondly, Pinnacle told me that my power steering hose was leaking and the entire hose assembly needed to be replaced. The honest repair shop searched, but could not find an actual leak. They did find power steering fluid, but saw that my fluid levels were normal, and offered to look at my car again in a week free of charge, to determine if there was a minor seepage that needed to be addressed long into the future, certainly not immediately.

    Plain and simple, Pinnacle lied to both myself and my father. They assumed that I was completely incapable of understanding basic car maintenance (as they changed the battery, they kindly explained to me that a car needs power to run, and that a battery supplies power to a car…thanks for clearing that up!). They are dishonest and are only looking for ways to separate you from your money. It is one thing to offer options for repair, but it is quite another to lie about repairs that are not needed whatsoever. Beware!

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    Larry Goodman, Owner9 years ago

    Hi Charlotte,

    This is Larry Goodman, owner and operator of Pinnacle Motor Works. I understand that you’re upset, and I think it’s a result some misunderstandings around our procedure and policies that I’d like to clear up.

    First, your car. As you mentioned, you brought it to us with several warning lights on: the alternator, check engine and anti-lock braking system. When the car was turned off and we went to restart it, we found the battery was dead. We had to replace the battery to complete the diagnosis, which led to our finding that the alternator had gone bad, explaining the several warning lights and dead battery. The alternator keeps the battery charged, and when it’s offline, the car will experience a cascading series of failures as the battery loses power, each system that relies on it also goes offline, and eventually the car lacks the power to start all together. We replaced the battery and the alternator for a total repair cost of about $1300 and the car was drivable again and returned. That’s the service you came for, and we provided it to a satisfactory conclusion.

    Here’s where the misunderstanding comes in. With every service, we provide a complimentary inspection and give our recommendations for returning the car to peak condition in safety and performance. We present these findings to the customer as an estimate as we start work so they can consider which of the repairs, if any, they would like us to perform. We never categorize these recommendations as critical or immediately necessary (unless they are), only that they’ll return the car to peak condition. That was our process with your car, and before we started work we presented you and your father with the $1300 figure to replace the battery and alternator and our itemized estimate, which came to $2300. You agreed to the battery and alternator, declined the services in our estimate, paid for the $1300 repair and drove the car off. We always welcome second opinions and I can’t comment on what the other shop did or didn’t find, but I can say that we stand by our estimate and would be happy to explain our findings for you in detail free of charge.

    It took reading this review to learn that you were dissatisfied with our service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and if you told us at the time of your repair that you were upset, we would have taken the steps to make it right. But where I take issue is being called a liar. I’ve been in business for 28 years, serving thousands of customers, men and women of all levels of auto expertise, many of whom have been taking their cars to Pinnacle for years if not decades. The shop that you describe, one who lies and preys on customer ignorance, would have been the target of a local news expose long ago and out of business shortly thereafter. Most customers don’t know much about how their cars work, and we rely on their recommendation to bring in new business. Good work and fastidious honesty are our only tools to make that happen, and they’ve kept the doors open for nearly three decades. Customers have had grievances, they’ve voiced them to us, and we’ve taken care of them to the satisfaction of all parties. I wish you had done the same before writing your review, and I hope there’s still an opportunity to address your concern. Feel free to call anytime.


    Larry Goodman



  • Nick M
    Nick M10 years ago

    Excellent is the only word to describe my experience with Pinnacle. From when I first called them on the phone they were very knowledgeable. I brought the car over without an appointment at night and they completed a thorough inspection and had an estimate by 3 the next day. Once I decided on a course of action everything was completed quickly and correctly. They are competitively priced and the service is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • Keith Feinstein
    Keith Feinstein11 years ago

    I actually don't own a BMW, but I have a Porsche and a classic Volvo P1800 and have used Pinnacle for a number of years. Larry runs a great and professional shop. Their customer service is excellent and they care about both the driver and the car.

    If you are looking for an honest mechanic with expertise in European and Japanese cars, I have no reservations recommending Pinnacle.

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