Autobahn Centre

484 Central Ave,
Albany, NY 12206 US
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Albany's premiere BMW service center.

We are a small, well equipped BMW repair shop located in Albany, NY, that services only German and English cars. We have all the proper tools and diagnostics to repair your BMW, and use only European made parts. Our BMW technicians take pride in servicing all your luxury vehicle's maintenance needs.

Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. Let our friendly, helpful and well trained service staff take care of you and your BMW today.

Serving the areas of Albany, Troy, Rensselaer, Voorheesville and Nassau, NY with expert BMW repair services.


  • Out-quoted 4 other shops in the region for the same job. Went above and beyond the transmission work I needed done and also tuned my exhaust. Car feels like new and sounds great. 2007 Audi S4.

  • I have an 02 VW Golf TDI and took it into the shop to get a second opinion over the VW dealership. Without knowing they were the second opinion, the guys at Autobahn priced the same job at like 15% below the dealership cost. They did a fantastic job.

    I don't normally post opinions for this type of shop, but I'm happy with my service.

    JG S. Trumbull, CT, via Yelp on June 15, 2011

1 Review

  • Scott Berkowitz5 years ago

    Not for nothing. But I swore by these guys at 1st. But now fortunately, I'm swearing AT them! Numerous and I mean numerous trips to diagnose and repair a service engine light on my 2001 325XI. Several thousand dollars later. My engine light has come on yet again. From an O2 sensor to 2 vacuum lines to an air solenoid which led to an air pump and valve job. In the interim they did a fuel pump and the day after an idler pulley and belt tensioner went. Now I'm not superstitious however I had pep boys do that job just to be on the safe side. Talk about frustration. Seems every time they work on the vehicle 2 mores things go wrong. Proceed with caution is all the advice I have to give....

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    Greg4 years ago

    It is truly sad that the outcome of trying to help a person with a poorly maintained car and the repeated comments of " I don't have alot of money to spend on this car" have resulted in not only bounced post-dated checks but uncomplimentary comments posted on the Internet.