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German and European auto repair specialists in Spartanburg, SC. We specialize in BMW repair and BMW service in Spartanburg, SC and for all of Upstate South Carolina.

Our specialized BMW technicians are able to quickly diagnose and repair your BMW using the latest BMW tools, software and equipment. We strive to bring you the best customer service for your BMW, and at the most affordable pricing in the Spartanburg area.

We also provide the following areas with expert BMW repair, service and maintenance: Boiling Springs, Greer, Simpsonville, Taylors and Greenville, SC.


  • BMW of Asheville wrongly diagnosed my '02 BMW E46 M3 SMG as needing the VANOS replaced at cost of over $4k, which did not seem logical to me. Albert correctly diagnosed the issue as a bad pilot bearing, costing only a few hundred $. Now imagine if i had accepted to let BMW-Asheville replace the VANOS - and obviously it would not have remedied the issue. And how much more would i have been charged until they finally realized the true issue being a simple pilot bearing? Thanks Albert!

  • I took my 528xi in needing several things. Although Albert was backed up with work for days, he managed to work my car in for an urgent battery issue that day and got me back on the road. I appreciated him going the extra mile to help me out. Good work, good price, fantastic service. Thank you!

  • I have used Euro-Sports as my Mechanic for my cars for over 15 years. I would not dream of taking my cars anywhere else. They are honest, affordable, and thorough. One could not ask for more out of a mechanics shop.

  • Simply excellent. Albert is friendly, honest, fast, and probably the most knowledgeable mechanic on the East Coast for European cars. We've used him for years and have never once been disappointed or mislead

13 Reviews

  • kelly Arrowood
    kelly Arrowood4 years ago

    Went to Euro Sports for a tail light bulb, couldn't find one at any of the brand name parts stores. Albert met me at the door asked if he could help me, told him what I needed, he pulled my tail lights out himself right away and noticed one other bulb was about to blow so replaced it also, didn't charge me for any labor! Bulbs only! What other shop would do that? None! I drove 60 miles to have him work on my 335i and will not go anywhere else! Very impressed!

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Dan
    Dan4 years ago

    Excellent. Honest, fair pricing, and REAL knowledge about BMWs. Albert and his team at Euro Sports is 'the' BMW repair shop in the Carolinas.

    2001 BMW 323 conv
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  • Ron Kaye
    Ron Kaye5 years ago

    I've been using Euro Sports in Spartanburg, SC. for the last 10 years. Not only does Albert maintain my BMW 2000 3 series wagon, he has maintained my wife's 1996 BMW 318 Ti since it went off factory warranty. Their work ethic is second to none. Thanks to Albert, my cars will be on the road another 10 years!

    2000 BMW 323i Wagon
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  • Teresa
    Teresa6 years ago

    Albert and the Euro-Sports team were recommended to me by my cousin who had used them when he owned his BMW. i had taken my car to the dealership because the "check engine" light was on. The dealership told me I needed a new water pump. Now i know a little bit about cars as I use to hang out with Dad when he needed someone to hand him tools while he worked on his cars. I knew enough that if my car wasn't running hot,was not leaking any water and the light had been on for several months, then it wasn't the water pump. Well I took my car to Albert and he said the same thing I thought. No water leaking. No running hot. Then can't be the water pump. Turns out it was the O2 sensor. Now the dealership was going to charge me a grand to replace my water pump. Instead Albert replaced the O2 sensor for a heck of a lot less.

    Needless to say, I won't even consider the dealership ever working on my car again. But get this the dealership told me I would have to bring my car back to them to have the system reset even if I used an aftermarket repair team. Albert told me "No you don't because I have everything the dealership has right here." Euro-Sports is the only team that will work on my car! In fact they are working on it for me right now! Thanks Albert!

    2007 BMW 525i
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  • Rick
    Rick6 years ago

    Albert and his team at Euro Sports are the best group that I've ever dealt with on car repairs. He treats your car like it's his own and will always take the time to talk with you and discuss what your repair options are. He beats the dealers on service and price and I won't take my BMW anywhere else.

    1997 BMW 528i
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  • Josh Harvey
    Josh Harvey6 years ago

    I can't say enough about Euro-Sports... Best service and they stand behind their work.

    2001 BMW 330i
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  • Ed
    Ed6 years ago

    Albert has the best shop in Spartanburg for BMW and Mercedes. He has done all my repairs and performance upgrades. I have gone to other shops with emercency repairs and paid a whole lot more. I will always use Euro Sports for my automotive needs.

    1998 BMW 330i
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  • Rick Sparks
    Rick Sparks7 years ago

    Albert & his staff at Euro-Sports are the kind of techs you always hope for but rarely find - honest, fair & deeply knowledgeable about the brands they service. Recent service includes replacing the electric motor that powers the boot lid cover on my '99 323iC & timing the convertible top - works perfectly now. They also changed the oil in my gearbox & differential to synthetic and removed the check valve from the clutch slave cylinder that was slowing down the shifting on my 5-speed - huge improvement now in shift speed & quality.They also replaced the o-ring in the power steering fluid reservoir cap. Whether the job is big or small, I have no worries that Euro-Sports will do the work on my Bimmer with excellence & at a fair price - thanks, Albert!

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  • Michael Ruff
    Michael Ruff7 years ago

    I just had my 1994 BMW 325ic repaired at Euro-Sports today. They were able to find and fix the problem I was having when 4 other BMW mechanics were unable to. They are very friendly and very reasonable on their prices. They called to tell me that they could put a used part on my car that would work just as good as a new one for $300 dollars less. Not many places would do that. They would tell you that you need the new part and charge you as much as they could for it. I have already planned to take my 1993 Mercedes 190E to them to see if they can fix the problems I am having with it. I plan to use Euro-Sports for as long as I own my cars.

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  • Tony Ream
    Tony Ream7 years ago

    Brought my mom's GLK into have her SRS system reset, I was offered a great discount when I called ahead, brought the car in and was told they had all the equipment to reset the system however there was something still wrong with our SRS system, back to the stealership I was forced to go.

    However, Euro Sports looked at my car, running a diagnostic check and didn't charge me a penny, I own a BMW E90 and when I had a diagnostic check on my car at the stealership, it cost $119.00. The folks at Euro Sports are great, they work with you and tell you what you need to do if they can't do it, I will be bringing my BMW to them once my maintenance warranty is over. I look forward to many years of business with you guys.

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  • Wayne
    Wayne7 years ago

    Took my 2004 325i to Euro Sports for possible repair. First time to use them. Mr. Boyle called me to discuss the problem and solutions to correct the problem. He was upfront and very honest with his assessment. I plan to use him again for my future service and repair needs.

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  • Ted
    Ted8 years ago

    Have gone to Albert for years and have never been disappointed. Honest, knowledgeable, quick, and with very reasonable prices. No other word to describe Euro-Sports but excellent.

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  • Rodney Wolfe
    Rodney Wolfe8 years ago

    Good day, we took my wife's 2004 325 to Euro Sports in Spartanburg SC. We thought it was in need of lower control arm bushings. They called the next day to tell us that it only needed front tires. We arrived to pick it up and they said there was no charge. I have to say its hard to find a good shop that does not take advantage of you or charge you for everything under the sun. The most refreshing part was they looked at the car it needed no work and they didn't do it just because. We will use them again for any repairs.

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