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Eurosport is proud to be serving the Dallas Metroplex for over 10 years. With our professional factory trained and ASE master certified technicians, we only offer the highest quality workmanship, work you can trust.

Eurosport Automotive is dedicated to quality honesty and value. We were among the first independent shops in the nation to purchase Dealer Level test equipment. This along with our Factory Trained Technicians, gives us the ability to diagnose your quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.

Eurosport Automotive Dallas BMW Repair

BMW owners understand the quality service needed to keep those Ultimate Driving Machines performing at their best. And so do we. Eurosport employs BMW Master Certified technicians who live, breathe, and sleep BMW. Whether it's retrofitting your BMW with a V8 or changing the air filter, Eurosport is here. We are a trusted leader in dealer alternatives for all your BMW needs.

Meet Our Owner

  • Gary Oches


    Gary founded Eurosport in 1997 and is an ASE Master technician with over 25 years experience. Drawing from his years of experience, Gary began hand selecting his team of the most knowledgeable European automotive techs in the DFW Metroplex. Currently, his dream team consists of over 7 factory trained and ASE master certified technicians covering all fields of the European Automotive Industry. Gary's and Eurosport's goal is simple: to be the best dealer alternative in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Plano Areas. We believe in saving the customer from the high costs associated with dealer service and maintenance. To ensure the factory quality, Eurosport uses factory diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Our friendly staff is always available to help out our customer, no matter the need. Whether it's an appointment you would like to make, or a quick question about your car, Eurosport is ready to help.

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5 Reviews

  • DRS2 years ago

    I took my 528i in to Eurosport Automotive because of a noise in the rear end. The diagnosis was the bearings (or spider gear, they weren't completely certain) in the differential and the estimate I was given was $3300.00 - $700.00 labor and $2600.00 for the new differential, which they would have needed to order from Germany. The repair was not cost effective given the value of the car, so I did not have it done. I considered the $700.00 labor charge estimate reasonable, given the number of hours needed to change out the differential.

    However, I was pretty disappointed that their only option for repair was to just replace the entire differential with a new one from Germany. Other alternatives should have been to actually rebuild the differential and replace the bearings or even to install a rebuilt differential. In fact, I have located after market upgraded differentials for my car that are half the cost of the "official" BMW part. So, I will end up checking to make sure that the differential is the problem and if I confirm that it is, will do the work myself, since new bearings and seals seem to be available for a very small fraction of the cost of the entire differential.

    My brother has had his car worked on by Eurosport Automotive and seems to be happy with the work, so as far as I am aware, they do good work. However, I think they could do better than just changing out major subsystems which themselves, could be repaired, possibly for much less.

    So, in short I can't fault the work they do and the estimate I received did not cost me anything. On the other hand, I think they are more geared to just changing parts or large subsystems than narrowing down a very specific problem and doing the least repair necessary to fix the problem.

    1999 BMW 528i
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  • Chris Joles3 years ago

    Eurosport Automotive has done a wonderful job of taking care of my BMW. I have had an excellent time dealing with the owner and the desk managers. They always seem to be knowledgeable and friendly.

    2006 BMW 5 Series
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  • Yvette7 years ago

    I called for an estimate and was told I would recieve a call back that day. Didn't so, I called the next day and was told by Jessica, that she was working on it. I never recieved that call and they were recommended by a good friend. If I were you I would never, ever take my car to them!!!!!

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    Gary6 years ago

    Hello Yvette,

    I’m sincerely sorry that your first experience with Eurosport was not a pleasant one. We’ve recently made staff changes and feel as though we have resolved the issue. I would love for you to give us a chance to earn your business. Feel free to come by and ask for me (Gary) or my service manager (Jeff) personally.

    Kind Regards,


  • Mike7 years ago

    I called for a quote and never heard back from them. The receptionist sounded arrogant as if they didn't want my business.

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    Gary Ochs6 years ago

    Hello Mike,

    Please accept my apologies for your unpleasant experience with our receptionist. We value each and every customer and our goal is to deliver excellent service. We’ve recently made staff changes and feel as though we have resolved the issue. Feel free to come by and ask for me or my service manager (Jeff) personally. We’d love to earn your business.

    Kind Regards,

    Gary Ochs

  • Lea8 years ago

    I've been using Eurosport Automotive for years and Jeff and Gary have always taken very good care of me. As a woman, I may not know much about cars, but they speak to me with respect and make me feel very comfortable and informed. They have even taken me into the shop to show me the problem and help me better understand. These guys have never let me down!

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