Bennette's Motor World - Cabana Heights

3193 Cahaba Heights Rd,
Birmingham, AL 35243 US
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Over 25 years German car experience.
Top of the line GT1 / SSS diagonistic equipment.
Quality trained techs.
Can meet all your service needs
From serv, brakes, trans, A/C, battery, tires, detailing and all other needs you may have.
Large inventory of parts.
Most repairs 1 day in and out.
Free courtesy transportation to and from work.
After hours and emergency drop off.
Friendly family owned business determined to meet your needs.

2 Reviews

  • Jelani
    Jelani3 years ago

    I'd taken my BMW to Bennett's location at the Summit which is now closed due to an issue with the serpentine belt, there was an oil leak in the filter housing which leaked on the belt causing it to deteriorate and break. Bennett's repaired the vehicle and I was back on the road but had a fault that they told me BMW would need to look at because it would clear. I thought that maybe the VANOS was damaged and when they inspected the VANOS the was apparently an issue with the eccentric camshaft motor. They replaced ECM and while doing the repair they noted pieces of the serpentine belt around the engine. I went in to see and there were pieces of belt visible without even removing the crankshaft. The Belt was ingested by the engine and which destroyed the motor. BMW advised that its common on all the N5X motors and when replacing a serpentine belt its something they inspect to ensure a customer's engine is not destroyed like mine. I went to Bennett and talked to the owner (who hadn't inspected the vehicle btw) and ultimately he asked me to leave his establishment and would not provide me with information I requested without cause of action being filed against him in court. I would not recommend Bennetts to anyone. Thanks.

    2011 BMW 535i
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  • Jennifer Snell
    Jennifer Snell8 years ago

    I love Bennette's! They are so friendly and mindful of price and time. I had to get my BMW serviced and they moved heaven and earth so I could drive ten hours to our new home in Florida! We are going to miss them working on our car!

    2000 BMW Z3
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