Oxmoor Automotive

184 Oxmoor Rd,
Homewood, AL 35209 US
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BMW repair serving Homewood and Birmingham, AL.

2 Reviews

  • Thomas Johnson3 months ago

    I took my BMW X5 to Momentum Automotive to diagnose a grinding noise coming from the engine compartment. After two days in the shop I was informed the A/C compressor was the source of my problem and it would cost a whopping $2800.00 to repair. Wanting a second opinion, I then took my X5 over to Russ at Oxmoor Automotive where two hours after I dropped the car off, I was told the A/C Clutch bearing was the culprit. The cost of repairs, $775.00. Russ and his crew will be maintaining my Bimmer from this point on. My thanks and appreciation go out to Oxmoor Automotive. Professional, Clean, and Very Honest

    2010 BMW X5
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  • Dave Nicar11 months ago

    I just moved to town, and noticed Oxmoor automotive next to the coffee shop I frequent. I bought an old 525i for a $1000 and took it to them to check it out. They not only confirmed what the guy I bought it from said, but put a fuse in the secondary a/c fan slot at no additional charge, as well as fixing the stripped out oil drain plug. 2 of the guys at the shop own 525i's, and love em, so I know I'm in good hands with these guys. Oxmoor Automotive is top notch all the way!

    1995 BMW 525i
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