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Louisville, KY 40206 US
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Trusted German auto repair in Louisville, KY. We specialize in BMW service, repair and maintenance in Louisville, KY.

1 Review

  • Clinton Bline
    Clinton Bline7 years ago

    I recently used this shop and was very disappointed with the customer service. I had used them in the past and felt they were expensive but I thought it was to be expected with a foreign car. I didn't have any complaints about their work at the time so customer service was adequate. This time I wasn't satisfied with the work and when I expressed that politely, I was met with a nasty attitude. I asked them to assemble the front strut of my car. I told them it was assembled incorrectly and they took an offense to it. They said it was my fault because I didn't bring the old one as an example, but the spring clearly did not seat properly in the rubber pad after they assembled it. I wouldn't expect to need to bring a second vehicle as an example every time I need their service. They said it would cost a minimum of a half hour shop time, at $85 and hour, to fix their mistake. They had already charged a full hour which I thought was high based on others opinions stated online. My overall experience today was pretty disappointing. I would have probably paid the extra and just taken it as a lesson, but the attitude really caught me by surprise. I didn't express any negativity when I tried to address the situation, but was met with nothing but attitude. I wouldn't give them any stars but they did work me in quickly. But maybe that's because they're not busy if they're treating all of their customers this way.

    2001 BMW 330ci
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