Sigy's Service Center

110 Crabb Ave,
Rockville, MD 20850 US
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BMW service center in Rockville, MD and serving the Washington D.C. metro area. BIMRS member.

14 Reviews

  • Robert Kaplan
    Robert Kaplan3 years ago

    I always get my son's BMW serviced at Sigy's. Totally the best BMW knowledge and experience in town. You want the best? Get it at Sigy's BMW.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Raphael Elul
    Raphael Elul6 years ago

    Now we have a name for the attitude of Sigy & son -- Not "politically correct"...

    Honestly, these are highly knowledgeable specialists, they won't rip you off by recommending unnecessary repairs, use cheaper used parts where possible -- but will le you know "we found a used part that was quite cheap"

    I go to Sigy after having the run of BMW shops that, in many cases could not diagnose the trouble, and in other cases diagnose the problem, but did not know how to update the underlying computer logic.

    Thanks to Sigy's, I am driving my 3 BMW's in the last 4 years with nearly no repairs (just a water pump repair on one and a power steering hose on another). No, BMW repairs are not cheap but repairs on any car nowadays are not cheap. The same repairs cost about the same on a Hunday or on a Chevrolet.

    2001 BMW 740il (x2), X5
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  • Nebyou
    Nebyou14 years ago

    Sigy's service center is truely a great bmw service center. I just took my 2000 bmw 528i for a over heating problem they diagnose the problem and fixed my car . Very honest person and great service. I will recomend to any one to take their car.Thanks for the service I received from Sigy's I am very happy.


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  • Stephan
    Stephan14 years ago

    Sigy's Service Center is great. I been going to them for years. They have a new website "".

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  • Richard T
    Richard T14 years ago

    Sigy and son are truely the finest BMW (auto) mechanics I have dealt with. They know their business, are honest and find the most cost effective way to handle repairs. I have bee dealing with them for more than 10 years with only favorable results. They are highly recommended.

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    WAIN LEWIS14 years ago

    Chris be fair to the man’s reputation! your car has not even been to the man’s shop. I have seen Siggy give quotes based on customer request and or, on a prior diagnosis. When the car is repaired the price is much, much less than the quote, because he has found a much simpler solution to the perceived problem or the prior diagnosis was incorrect.

    I have dealt with Siggy over 10yrs & hands down, the best mechanic, a perfectionist, quality unsurpassed workmanship. I have recommended people over the years to Siggy, never ever heard anything but rave reviews about his quality workmanship.

    Does Siggy have an Achilles Heel? an irritatingly caustic personality sometimes, if you can get past that, you will not find a better mechanic period.

    Siggy’s garage sits atop of the BMW repair chain, everyone else are “also ran” including the dealerships. The man awaits beatification in BMW heaven.

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  • Harsha
    Harsha14 years ago

    Highly recommend the pop and son duo. But again, let them do their job and honestly they wont rip you off. They are reasonable and consistent in their quotes.

    Ask a stupid questions - yes, they give a stupid answer - but don't run away yet!

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  • Benjamin T
    Benjamin T14 years ago

    I just dropped my 2000 528i off for a coolant leak / possible thermostat problem. The old guy has a very dry sense of humour. I loved it. I asked: "Where do I check in?" and he very dryly replied: "You want to check in, go to United." He then told me to back the car into a parking space and come into the office, much more warmly might I add. I can tell that this guy is not to be trifled with and I have a trip to NYC this weekend that is going to rest on what he says when he calls back so I am hoping for the best and I will report back. Today is Wednesday, September 16, 2009.

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  • Saad
    Saad15 years ago

    The ultimate mechanics for the ultimate driving machine!

    Excellent Service! Sigy and Michael are the best to handle your BMW in DC Metro Area. HONEST, EXCELLENT SERVICE and their experience is PRICELESS.

    One thing to keep in mind, do not ask stupid questions, if you do, you will get a dry answer - rightfully so. If you do not know what the problem is, let the guys do their work. They know their stuff and they will tell you all what you need to know. Hint, if you listen carefully, they will volunteer valuable tips to keep your BMW in top shape

    They are your piece of mind when it comes to your BMW. Trust me, they are that good. The ultimate mechanics for the ultimate driving machine!

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  • Ira
    Ira 15 years ago

    Upstanding mechanics..could have charged me $1,025 for a wiper motor like the dealer wanted but found that it was a loose bolt. They wouldn't even take $20 for looking at the truck. I am a customer for life.

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  • daniel
    daniel15 years ago

    worst customer service ever. The older guy needs an anger management class.

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  • Chris
    Chris15 years ago

    I had called Sigy's for a quote on the price for repairs. I gave them clear description to what is needed to be done. They insisted that I wait for them to call me back so they can see if they get quotes from the BMW dealership. Rip Off!

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  • Tijan
    Tijan16 years ago

    Crazy germans but know BMWs inside out, I take both of my cars there, they are very reasonable and don't BS around!

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  • Hamid Nezar
    Hamid Nezar16 years ago

    Sigy and his son Michael are the best, and most reasonable BMW mechanics in the Mid-Atlantic Area. I live in Virginia, but I prefer to take my BMWs for service to Sigy's in Maryland because of the great work he does.

    Hamid Nezar

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