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165 Monmouth Street,
Red Bank, NJ 07701 US
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Serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1976, Mayo Auto Service is your dealer alternative for Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, and more.

4 Reviews

  • Rupam7 years ago

    Took my 323i 1999 for typical window regulator problem. Although they claim they are next best to the dealer they did a very poor job. My window will rattle and then I read some DIY and opened up the drive side window and found loose screws and they even used generic screws because they might have misplaced. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

    Just my two cents.

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  • tom7 years ago

    It was ok, cost me 560$ to replace several components of my drive shaft on my '91 5 series.(dont know if thats reasonable or not), I drove it away and called them because there was a rattle that wasn't there before I dropped it off. I took it back back and they were pretty rude about it, acting insulted (understandable) and sent me away after the mechanic test drove it and said the car was old and advised that no matter how much money I throw at a peice of junk, it's still going to be a peice of junk. Eventually the car broke in and sounded better. Long story short- good mechanics, just not cheap and don't ask questions or they will no longer be friendly.

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  • Dorothy Hendricks7 years ago

    I have been taking my vehicle to Mayo Klinic since 1986 when they were originally in Little Silver. I felt immedialty put at ease by the friendly and very patient service of the owner and my mechanic. Each time I needed a repair every detail was explained to me including all potential costs. At no time has Mayo Klinic completed work without my authorization. After over 20 years and many different types of vehicles repairs I have been extremely satisfied. Even with they move to their larger facility in Red Bank I was pleased to know that I would have the same mechanic working on my car. He has worked on my car s for close to 20 years. Now known as Mayo Auto Service it will always be Mayo Klinic to me. A place where you feel comfortable (expecially for a female), and know that your vehicle will be treated with care. KUDOS for offering car details on the premises. What a time saver!!!!

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  • Walker Reed8 years ago

    In brief, Mayo auto services never contacted me regarding my car in the two weeks that it was there. I was always the one to call to inquire on the status of the vehicle, and from the first day I was subjected to rude representatives telling me that it is rediculous for me to beleive that I would have my vehicle seen that day without an appointment and with 37 vehicles ahead of me. Mayo's diagnostic technicians also leave at 4:00p everyday,and do not work on weekends, according to the staff. Of course I was not told this information when I called in that morning.

    After 4 days and a few more unfriendly phone interactions, I was finally informed that a diagnosis has been made. The invoice was faxed to me back in baltimore, MD, and the charges were 732.00.... 32.00 for parts, 700 for service. As I was aware that their policy was 95$ per hour for service, I called often to ask when they were working on the vehicle, but was not told until AFTER 6 hours of labor.

    Despite my fury regarding the charges, I choose to pay. Now the real problems began. Being an out-of-state customer (again never informed of this information when I brought the car there) I was denied the ability to pay by check or credit card. Furthermore, when I proposed that a relative pay on my behalf, as he lives 12mins from the shop and was a previous customer, i was first told that it was fine, and then 2 days later recieved a forward message saying:

    " management has decided that you [in particular] are only allowed to pay by cash in person, [for the reason being] because ' you cant trust us, we cant trust you' "... verbaetum....

    I then had to drive 4 hours from baltimore to red bank to drop off 732.00 in cash, only to receive a functional vehicle with the speakers disconnected and an empty gas tank.

    Thank you Mayo for terrible and dishonest service.

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