European Service Center

606 Rhode Island Ave. NE,
Washington, DC 20002 US
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Opened in May 2011, European Service Center is your exclusive service and diagnostic center for BMW, Mercedes Benz, & Mini Cooper in Washington, DC.

We offer complete dealer level service and repairs with the latest diagnostic technology. We also offer convenient services like pick up and drop off or courtesy ride to the office.

Thinking of purchasing a used BMW? Bring it to us for a FREE pre-purchase inspection!

RepairPal Certified.

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1 Review

  • Tina5 years ago

    I needed a quote for some repairs that needed done my rear view mirror and cup holder console. I was out of town at the time and could not take the car there for an inspection. I called the shop and asked if I send pictures to get a quote. They told me it would be ok to send the pictures. Never heared from them after that. I called and left messages. No response. I finally found time to take the car over there on Friday which is the only time I am available so they could look at it. They told me the components that need to be replaced and that they would call or email me the quote. I asked if they could again send me the quote in writing so that I can submit to the insurance company. Still no response. I wish they would have told me up front that they cannot do this for me instead of wasting my time. We are all busy but it was a simple request. They are not responsive to the customer. I would not take my car there.

    2006 BMW 325ci
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