Shahverdi's Foreign Car

184 Mountain Road,
Pasadena, MD 21122 US
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Expert BMW repair in Pasadena, MD and throughout Anne Arundel County since 1977. We are a family-owned full service foreign car repair facility in Pasadena, MD. We offer BMW services at affordable prices.


  • Amazing service, friendly staff, and reasonable prices!!!!

    Stephanie L., via Facebook
  • I have been going to Shahverdi's for over 12 years. They were very honest the first time I went there and saved me over $1000. I have been going there ever since.

3 Reviews

  • AG
    AG2 years ago

    Just picked up my BMW from Shaverdi's Foreign Cars, Inc, 184 Mountain Road, Pasadena, Maryland. They have a reputation in our area for doing outstanding work on German cars. I had them do several things over 2 trips to them. First trip was replace alternator, repair passenger side door handle, and repair weatherstripping on passenger side window. Second trip was re-repair weatherstripping, oil change, and reattach rear view mirror to inside windshield (which had come off).

    First trip - Picked the car up after being called. The door handle was repaired, alternator replaced, weather stripping repaired. Put the top down and drove home.

    When I got home and put the top up, the weather stripping had completely come off the mounts, leaving the car un-weatherstripped on passenger side. Was told to return the car to re-fix weatherstripping.

    Second trip - asked for rear view mirror to be reattached and an oil change in addition to re-repairing the weatherstripping. They indicated they would have to now wait for weatherstripping parts, no prob for me even though I knew it might be a few days.

    After 2 weeks I called, was told to come and pick up the car, all fixed. Had I not called to see if the parts came in, the car would still be sitting there. No charge for the repairs (and no paperwork) - I thought that strange but without a charge I accepted no paperwork - my bad! I soon learned why no charge, read on. The had been fixed right away. I know the car was fixed right away because they did the same thing to the weatherstripping as the first time (they did not wait for, or use new parts), the car had a huge layer of dust on it from sitting for days on their lot, and my hood had been egged many days earlier. Yes, egged. I could tell the car had sat for days because the egg was so imbedded in the paint I couldn't get it off with soap and water. The mirror was reattached and I was told the oil change had been done - but I am uncertain about the oil change being done without any paperwork.

    I called and complained loudly. How do you let an egged hood sit there for days without washing it off? Had they called me when the car was fixed there wouldn't have been an egging. They said bring it back and we'll fix. After I got done laughing, and crying because of what the egging is going to cost me, I hung up on them. You can judge for yourself whether to take your vehicles to this shop. I have posted pictures of the "repairs" on my fb page in an album titled Shaverdi Repairs Oct 2117.

    1997 BMW Z3
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  • Edward Der
    Edward Der2 years ago

    A great shop! I am new to the area had my BMW checked out by Shahverdi's Foreign Car.

    2006 BMW 535xi
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  • Joe M.
    Joe M.7 years ago

    While this was my first experience going to someone other then a dealership to get my BMW serviced I was a little worried. I went to Shahverdi's Foreign Car and when I walked in a man came to the counter and was very pleasant. The shop it self could use some updating. However the prices 85.00 for a oil change vs 100+ at the dealer. you cant beat this and after speaking with the owner about different services and issues I have with my car this place is not only the best price around but there honesty and integrity are out of this world. I have found a place where I will be taking my cars from now on. Thank you Sharverdi's for being so HONEST! its people like your self that are hard to find. So many people go to these repair shops and they sing them the blues about how bad the car is etc etc just to make more of a sale. and you are far from this!

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