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Bimmer Motor Werks is an independent repair facility that provides total car care for all model/year of BMW's and Mini's.

At Bimmer Motor Werks we believe BMW and MINI are superior vehicles with excellent performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality that German engineering has to offer.

To ensure it remains that way, here at Bimmer Motor Werks we care about preventative maintenance and we work only with original factory parts so your BMW stays a true BMW. Like the dealership we offer 24 months 24000 miles warranty on parts and labor.

Due to the ongoing rate of technology development our technicians are continually undergoing factory technical training classes to ensure that all servicing work is done with accordance with BMW specifications.

When it comes to BMW and Mini there is no such thing as better than factory, which is why we use only factory diagnostic equipment to assess your vehicle with thorough accuracy that prevents unnecessary component replacement and guarantees correct diagnosis.

With our passion of specializing in only BMW's and Mini's, we will use our years of experience and extensive knowledge to develop lifelong customer relationships and transform the way you see independent repair shops.

26 Reviews

  • John
    John 1 month ago

    Alex saved me! I bought a BMW 7 series from Monroe Auto Sales in Bountiful, the vehicle was visually in amazing shape inside and out so I stupidly assumed that the vehicle was perfect but I learned a important and hard lesson that day... always have your vehicle checked before you buy it. I got home 2 hours later the check engine light turned on the and vehicle started shaking. I was really devastated. The bank said I was stuck with the vehicle and there was nothing that they could do so I looked for a highly rated mechanic on google and I a shop in Layton. After 2 days and 850 dollars of diagnostics alone, all I got was 1 coil and 1 spark plug that wasn't even the correct one. After that they said I needed a new fuel pump and fuel injectors that was going to cost $4950 for parts and labor. I wanted a second opinion so I took my BMW to Bimmer Motor Works. After Alex did his diagnostics, he explained that all I needed was all new coils and spark plugs and that the injectors and fuel pump were fine! The vehicle ran fine after that. I couldn't believe I was almost scammed for all that money. The other mechanic was just guessing and way over charging me. Alex is an honest man, a rare individual that is not after your money and actually cares about the customer and his commitment to his profession as a BMW specialist mechanic. His knowledge is second to none. Don't be afraid to take your BMW or MINI to a specialist, the price was way less then I expected. Everyone thinks they charge an arm and a leg, which is not true. I highly recommend Bimmer Motor Werks. Remember BMWs are complex machines, don't take them to these other mechanics that just throw parts and waste your money!

    2012 BMW 7 series
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  • Jason Kenney
    Jason Kenney6 months ago

    I was referred to Bimmer Motor Works by another local BMW specialty shop. My vehicle had been evaluated at another shop with a good reputation in another state. I did not get any actionable recommendations to address an emissions problem. I was just cautioned to save up for new catalytic converters. The details provided by Bimmer Motor Works were very specific and the estimate was a good value for the work. This shop does use genuine BMW parts which will cost a bit more, but that is what I wanted. The repair work cleaned up emissions and my car passed inspection for plates. Three months out and still no emissions warning lights. Without the repairs I believe I would have lost my catalytic converters pretty soon. I definitely recommend this shop. One more thing. I was told the radiator neck blew during the after work test drive. It was unlikely to be damaged during the repairs that were being performed and I was ready to pay to replace it. However, the shop owner insisted on replacing it at their expense.

    1996 BMW 328I
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  • Joseph H Nelson
    Joseph H Nelson3 years ago

    I've taken a couple of my bmw's to Alex and always had great results. His Mechanics are very good at their jobs and are very knowledgeable. ..Alex is a very straight up guy to deal with...I will never let anyone else work on my bmw...

    2000 BMW 528it
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  • Walter shaughnessy
    Walter shaughnessy 4 years ago

    I wanted to recommend Alex and his service shop. As all BMW owners we are nervous to have our cars worked on. The knowledge and experience shows at this shop not only does these people car about our cars they care about the owners and make sure you are happy when you leave To all my friends, family and anyone that reads this you will be taken care of fairly and the work is well done thank you to Alex and his staff for their service I will be back in the future!!!!

    1997 BMW Z3 2.9L
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  • Scott Guthormsen
    Scott Guthormsen4 years ago

    Last week we brought my son's M3 in to see Aleks. It would not pass an emissions test and it had issues with the timing chain/variable valve timing. We expected serious issues and $$$. Aleks spent time with us, explained the problems and most importantly, explained why the car would not pass emissions. We took his advise, had another emissions test and it passed!! Just waiting for the VVtiming parts to complete the repair.

    Very impressed with Aleks - he knows his stuff and was a pleasure to talk with. Finally, an auto repair guy that is honest and helpful. Forget the rest - go see Aleks (I'm an old guy that understands cars).

    1995 BMW M3
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  • Jeff
    Jeff4 years ago

    We had transmission problems with our 2007 X3 (E83) while on vacation driving from Canada to Arizona. Timing was obviously an issue for us, but Aleks was great at getting the car in and diagnosing the problem early. The results were certainly not good, but Aleks explained everything clearly and let us know what our options were. What the repairs could cost (worst case scenario) and might cost (best case scenario). He was open and upfront with everything.

    Given the time it was going to take to get repaired, we ended up leaving the car there to get fixed so we could continue our vacation. Unfortunately, that was not the end of the problems, but it was through no fault of Aleks'. The parts supplier routed the parts incorrectly, so they didn't get to Aleks in time for us to meet our timeline to get back home. Aleks then went out of his way again to re-source parts and expedite shipping of the parts to him (at his own cost, no less!), and then worked long hours over the weekend to finally get our car fixed.

    Having a breakdown is never ideal, but Aleks made the process as painless as possible and certainly went well beyond what any mechanic has ever done for my wife and I in the past.

    Back in Canada, months after the repairs with Aleks, I had an unrelated issue that the mechanics here seemed to be guessing at. I called Aleks again, out of desperation, and he listened to the issues and offered his advice on what the problem was. We had it repaired locally (I couldn't drive the 1100 miles to him, unfortunately!) and it was fixed. I don't think there are many mechanics that would do that.

    Overall, exceptional service and highly recommended

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Stephen
    Stephen5 years ago

    Firstly, thank you Aleks.

    My wife and I were chasing early powder this year across ID, WY, CO & UT when our '01 X5-4.4 started exhibiting signs of impending CV-joint failure. After arriving in Steamboat Springs I decided the repair shouldn't wait for a return to the west coast so I looked for an independent BMW repair shop in the direction we were headed, Salt Lake City. I ended up contacting Bimmer Motor Werks based on published online reviews. Our experience with Bimmer Motor Werks was completely positive. Although I it took a little persuasion, they ensured the parts I wanted replaced were at their disposal prior to our arrival in SLC 3 days later. (Lft/Frt-Drive Axle Assy)

    We were in by 8:30 am and out by 1:00pm the same day, all fixed and rolling, tight as ever.

    (What I didn't tell them - Retired; Mechanical Engineer P.E., factory Ferrari Tech, Aston Martin Tech, F-Atlantic circuit mechanic and continous owner of BMW's since 1969, "yup" 46 years with at least 1 in the stable and I know them inside and out)

    2001 BMW X5-4.4i
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  • Rob Hoffman
    Rob Hoffman5 years ago

    After traveling 650 miles from Santa Fe to SLC, I noticed a wire bundle had come loose near page front. I called Alex on a Thursday afternoon based on Bimmerworks reviews, and he got me in the next Monday. He fixed the problem sufficient to get me home, left me with detailed ins tux to my home repair techs for permanent fix, and even diagnosed two other nagging issues that my home techs and I could not. He billed me very fairly, and I felt I was driving home with all systems safe and sound. I would recommend Alex to anyone.

    1999 BMW 740IL
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  • Madison
    Madison6 years ago

    Hands down the best shop experience. Aleks is always honest and doesn't try and force any repairs on you. He's always straight up, telling me what I can do myself rather than paying labor in the shop, what actually needs to be done immediately and what can be put off. He stands by his warranty and is just a joy to be around. I always look forward to seeing everyone at Bimmer, and it's never something I'm nervous to get myself into (like going to the doctor.) I cannot recommend this place enough. Aleks is patient and so knowledgeable, explaining everything in simple terms so I can always understand what's going on.

    A+++ Best shop. Affordable and trustworthy.

    2005 BMW 335xi
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  • Eric Bishop-Berry
    Eric Bishop-Berry6 years ago

    Bimmer Motor Werks is an outstanding shop, we are lucky to have them here in Salt Lake City. I have found Aleks to be extremely competent and trustworthy. His honesty has saved me money as I usually go in thinking I know what the problem is. He is truly passionate about BMW's. I would recommend anybody with a BMW or Mini to visit his shop.

    2001 BMW 330xi
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  • Sid Winters
    Sid Winters7 years ago

    When I inherited a vintage 1972 BMW 2002 I had no idea what condition the engine was in and I had no idea where to take it. I happened onto this website and I found Bimmer Motor Werks in Salt Lake City. The reviews were all very positive so I figured I would take my chances. I can only agree with everything that has been said already. Aleks was great to work with. He only did what needed to be done and he was very reasonable. He could have told me I needed new shocks and brakes and whatever else he wanted to sell me, but he did not. He even pointed out several things that I could do on my own. He was very honest and straightforward and that is not easy to find these days. The car runs great - Thanks Aleks.

    1972 BMW 2002
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  • William G.
    William G.7 years ago

    This shop has exceeded my expectations. I live in the northeast and was trying to purchase an M Roadster in Utah. After looking for a quality shop to do a pre-purchase inspection, I quickly identified Bimmer Motor Werks as the perfect place to do so. Alex took the time to speak with me at length about all the things they would check out on the car and exactly how the process would work. The shop called me to tell me the car had arrived for inspection at its scheduled time, and then called me immediately following the inspection to go over the results.

    In all, I was much more comfortable with using an independent shop that was well reviewed by other enthusiast BMW owners, as opposed to just any dealership. I could not have had a better experience with these guys! I highly recommend having a conversation with them prior to going anywhere else. Unlike many people you talk to, they actually know the intricacies of these cars well. Last but certainly not least, I was treated like a long-time customer from the very beginning, and this shop would certainly have earned all my BMW service if I didn't live 2,500 miles away!!

    2000 BMW M Roadster
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  • Lisa
    Lisa7 years ago

    This shop is wonderful. I stopped in a year and a half ago during an unexpected cross-country trip. It was summer, we were a day out of California, and we realized that we couldn't continue with a broken A/C system.

    I had had the A/C "fixed" four times by two different BMW dealerships in the previous three years; all of those "repairs" cost $200-500 each and none of those repairs lasted longer than six months.

    I found Bimmer Motor Werks online, gave them about a 15-minute notice that I was coming in (on a Friday afternoon!), and arrived with my female traveling companion and my cat. They took a few hours, fixed my A/C (their fix has now lasted 18 months, through two summers), and checked my fluid levels without being asked when they heard we were driving cross-country. They only charged me $100, because they had a special the previous week for A/C repairs. They were not only experienced but also polite and respectful, even to two women obviously from out of town.

    I almost wish I lived in Salt Lake City so I could make them my regular mechanic. I would highly, highly, highly recommend Bimmer Motor Werks to anyone in town or traveling through.

    2005 BMW X3
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  • Patrick
    Patrick7 years ago

    I bought this car earlier this year and, after a little research, took it to Bimmer Motor Werks to get it checked out. Alex took time to talk to me and gave me a wealth of information on how to care for my new car. My father was a mechanic and I grew up working on cars but I don't have the time anymore so I'll be taking my BMW to Bimmer Motor Werks and I recommend you do the same.

    2007 BMW 335i convertible
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  • Lana
    Lana7 years ago

    I bought my car with valid manufacture insurance. When it was about to expire I took my car to the dialer for the final check up. They told me it was in perfect condition and I don't need any kind of repairs. So I've decided to ask for a second opinion Bimmer Motor Werks. Those guys took a close look and they found quite a few things that needed to be fixed. They printed out a list of problems for me to fix : rear tail lights were melting, valve cover was cracked and had an oil leak, and some other issues. My total bill was about 2000 dollars. The best part is that this people told me to go back to the dealer and get my car fixed while I still had my insurance . I was amazed by this guys honesty and the way I was treated. They didn't try to make money of me and actually recommended me the best way to solve my problem which saved me over 2000 dollars. Thank you! Now I am a loyal customer. Bimmer Motor Werks is the only way to go for me ever since. I would recommend it to all my friends and family.

    2009 BMW X5
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  • Baillie Miller
    Baillie Miller7 years ago

    Alex and his crew are experienced and demonstrated their knowledge of my car, but of all makes and models. They are friendly, accommodating and spent a great deal of time making sure I understood any issues that were repaired and any that could occur in the future. Alex is professional, smart and cares about his customers! I am hoping more Wyoming owners will head his way. Bimmer Motor Werks is amazing!

    2006 BMW X3
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  • Andrey
    Andrey7 years ago

    These guys have done a great job- Alex is very passionate about BMW's thus knows these cars inside/out which is quite a pleasant change from dealerships where the service guys are apathetic at best. Have come in there a couple of times- Alex has been honest and didn't charge me for some minor stuff. Plus overall pricing seems a lot cheaper than at dealer though I have not had any major repairs there yet.

    2009 BMW 528i
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  • Jim
    Jim8 years ago

    After taking my X5 to the local dealership for repair of some leaks I found that it had a steering problem I had never experienced in the past. After taking it back to the dealership 3 times to have the steering problem corrected it was no better. Worse than that, they told me it was functioning normally.

    I took my car to Bimmer Werks, to see if there was anything they could do. They did extensive testing and inspection. They found 5 fault codes that the dealership had never reported to me. They corrected the problem. For the first time in 3 months my car drives normally again.

    From now on, Bimmer Werks is the only shop I will trust my car to. Their fees are very reasonable, especially compared to those of the dealership, who charged me $165 for my last oil change.

    2007 BMW 4.8i
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  • Garrett
    Garrett8 years ago

    I previously took my vehicle to another independent BMW shop by my house in West Jordan, since it was closer. The reviews weren't too bad, but not as good as Bimmer Motor Werks' reviews. Since it was closer, I figured I'd give it a shot. This "other place" was considerably higher in price and charged more for the part (which wasn't even an original BMW brand part). They quoted me $750 + tax. RIP OFF! Not to mention, they called and wanted me to fix other things also, without even giving me the estimate for the original issue I brought it in for or even looking at it first.

    I then took decided to drive 25 minutes away to Bimmer Motor Werks and Aleks was up front, honest and seemed very trustworthy. He tells it how it is... as an HONEST mechanic and business owner should. They repaired my issue for $250 less. AND, he gave me a quote on all of the other maintenance items that needed to be performed as well, that are very reasonably priced.

    My advice, don't waste your time and frustration and "try" any other place. Just take your vehicle to Bimmer Motor Werks and have Aleks work on your Bimmer! Milton worked on my car and did an awesome job. This is a classy, honest, and respectable establishment.

    1995 BMW Convertible
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  • Graham and April Adams
    Graham and April Adams8 years ago

    It was so refreshing to talk to an honest mechanic, Alexs walked us through all the many problems with our 323. It was so nice to see his passion for his customers. We just want to say thanks to him and his shop for treating us so great.

    1999 BMW 323i
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  • Brad W
    Brad W8 years ago

    I cannot recommend this place highly enough. I had a catastrophic coolant and oil system failure at around 7 PM on a Monday. I called this store, fully expecting to get an answering machine, since their hours are until 6 PM. To my surprise, the owner, Aleks, picked up on the first ring. I explained my situation, and that it would take probably an hour to get towed to his location. He said no problem, he'd stay late. Got there at around 8, he and all his crew were still working. He talked with me briefly and said they'd inspect it and call in the morning.

    At 9 AM the next morning, I got a call from him, explaining what had happened, and he faxed me a copy of the repairs that I should perform. I gave him the green-light, and by 9 AM the next morning, my car was ready, washed, and in PERFECT running order.

    He also provided me a free quote and estimate on some other repairs he recommended I do that weren't critical. Finally, he offers a 2 year warranty on all his reviews.

    Oh, and one last thing, ALL of his repair techs are factory-certified BMW technicians, who have attended BMW-certified repair courses, and who regularly travel to Munich, Germany for training right from BMW!

    Outstanding service, communication, work ethic, friendliness, and prices. If you need work on your BMW, take it here. You won't regret it!

    2001 BMW AWD
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  • Scott
    Scott8 years ago

    I took my car in due to a SES light on the dash. They got my car in quickly and I had it back that afternoon. I didn't feel pressured to have any other additional repairs made. Dane talked me through the problem and was great to work with.

    I had a small hiccup on the drive home that night. As a result, I took my car back in a few days later.

    Some diagnostics were run on my car and a vacuum leak was found that was triggering the SES light. They also upgraded my car's software at no extra charge. They were a professional crew and treated me very well.

    I would definitely recommend these guys and plan on returning for them to work on my BMW's in the future.

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  • Charles Gunn
    Charles Gunn9 years ago

    I've taken my 2003 X5 in during the past year. Prior had always had services at a dealer. Aleks did the work at what seemed to be very reasonable prices and pointed out potential problems which I usually did so as not to have problems between regular maintenance. In one case had an issue where the shop didn't do something that should have so had a breakdown. Aleks totally took care of it with no excuses. Nothing like having a problem to find out someone's true character and he's the best. My unconditional recommendation.

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  • Whitney Lippincott
    Whitney Lippincott9 years ago

    Found Aleks on this website on a Saturday morning on our way from Boise to Palm Springs on our first day of Spring Break vaction with a power steering pump make awful sounds. I showed up at 8:30 and found Aleks working at this desk prior to opening, and described my sitution. He was very professional and summarized the problem and the repair, and his ability to get us back on the road quickly. He did exactly what needed to be done and nothing more (which was exactly was I was expecting having researched this problem already), and did it for a fair price and in a very quick manner. I was very pleased, and I'd love to go back if I lived in SLC.

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  • Greg Quarles
    Greg Quarles9 years ago

    We just moved to Park City, UT and needed a reliable place to have our BMWs serviced and repaired. Came across Bimmer Werks of Salt Lake City. Aleks (I hope I got the spelling correctly) was terrific. He told me what I needed to have done today and what I could put off until a later date. We needed to have my door locks repaired on my 2006 325xi - Aleks was half the price of the BMW Dealership estimate. We called him on a Friday, he picked up the parts from the dealership - we took it in to him on Saturday morning and by 3pm Saturday afternoon my locks were fixed and my oil was changed for a very reasonable price. Again, having just moved here you are just concerned with finding a reputable repair shop - we definitely found it and will use Aleks from now on. Thanks again!

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  • Alan Flake
    Alan Flake10 years ago

    I was very pleased with the service I received at Bimmer Motor Werks. Unfortunately, due to the inexperience of another repair shop, the engine on my 2002 325xi was ruined after the surge tank exploded and car overheated. Alex was willing to take a look at the car for me and after a complete diagnosis spent considerable time researching and laying out out all of my options. He was also very patient to allow me to keep the car on his lot for several days while we made the decision about what to do. I really appreciated his understanding and cooperation. He also demonstrated a specific knowledge of BMW's that was far superior to any other independent technician we have used. We will definitely be bringing our X5 to Bimmer Motor Werks for all of our future service needs. I only wish I had found them sooner!!!

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