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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking the following precautions:

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We meet and exceed the needs of our customers and clients on a case-by-case basis. We will get to know you AND your vehicle to learn how to provide the best service for you. We give your vehicle the full service it needs, making sure it is as road worthy as BMW intended.

We use the highest quality materials available sourced from our suppliers ONLY so that we can maintain our 2 year/24k miles warranty on repairs and maintenance. If our parts or craftsmanship fails, you are entitled to a free replacement or repair.

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Meet Our Owner

  • Casey Bechtel


    Casey has been deeply involved in Servicing/Repairing/Racing/Parting-out BMWs and Mini Coopers since enrollment at Drexel University over 10 years ago. While not perfect, he will do anything in his power to make sure you leave the shop smiling in your BMW or MINI.


  • Casey's attention to detail is impressive, I'll never take my car anywhere else.

    Satisfied Customer
  • I'd be screwed if it weren't for Bechtel Bavarian.

    Satisfied Customer

12 Reviews

  • Marty
    Marty2 months ago

    My first visit to Bechtel Bavarian. Before I even took the car in I had a long telephone conversation with Casey to discuss the car, how I use it, maintenance history, etc. My car did need a fair amount of work, and I knew it going in. During the work, he kept me abreast of progress and issues, including texting me photos of things he wanted to discuss, recommendations, etc. It was a two-week job, in part due to outside vendor parts supply issues but mostly due to the quantity of work. Overall it was a very good experience and is exactly what I was looking for in a mechanic who specializes in older BMWs. I will be a return customer.

    2001 BMW 2001 Z3 Roadster 3.0i
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  • Saudia
    Saudia3 months ago

    This place is kind of expensive, but it has been worth every penny. After getting an oil leak and brake work done my car is running like new. I think they have extended my time with my wagon.

    2001 BMW 325 xi
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  • Tyshiya Niblack
    Tyshiya Niblack4 months ago

    Casey is the best mechanic on earth. He is honest and dependable and work ethic is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend him for your BMW or Mini Cooper

    2009 BMW 535i
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  • Jane Elizabeth
    Jane Elizabeth5 months ago

    I found Bechtel Bavarian after being exasperated by my experience with other shops – poor communication, poor time management, lack of enthusiasm, and generally not feeling very taken care of.

    I get that my budget track car/classic restoration project is not something most mechanics in their right mind would want to touch. I am committed to it and to learning more about my car, but am not in a position to DIY.

    That’s where Casey came in! I really just wanted to know EVERYTHING that was wrong, and finally, someone was able to give me the honest answers I was looking for. (He happens to own two of the same model – what are the chances?)

    Casey and his team are extremely detail-oriented, and within a few hours of dropping off, I had a very thorough inspection checklist, cost estimate, and a clear plan to move forward.

    Phase 1 wasn’t cheap, fast or easy, but Bechtel doesn’t believe in band aids or quick fixes, and they do believe in making appointments in advance.

    I loved that they texted photo updates along the way, and are always patient in answering my questions. I think they understand that I’m learning, and not being the typical annoying customer.

    In short, I recommend Bechtel Bavarian because I have extremely high expectations, and they run their business the way I run my own.

    1997 BMW 318ti
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  • Doug
    Doug6 months ago

    Casey is the man. Plain and simple. I came in for a code scan regarding the dreaded CCC issue that plagues E60 iDrives. He was ready and waiting when I arrived, gave me a full printout once he identified the fault codes and took 30min of his day to geek out on all that is BMW with a fellow enthusiast. Can't recommend Bechtel Bavarian enough.

    2007 BMW 550i
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  • Zebulun Wilson
    Zebulun Wilson1 year ago

    When it comes to my BMW I am very skeptical about who I let touch my vehicle. I have known Casey for over 3 years now. Casey has amazing attention to detail (check out his completely restored E36Ti m52b28), takes pride in his work, and most importantly is an actually BMW enthusiast. I only let Casey and his technician handle my major repairs. They are very organized and can handle just about any job you can think of. I highly recommend Bechtel Bavarian for your BMW needs. Some of the major jobs they have done for me are, replacing my m50 motor and refreshing all of the gaksets and vacuum hose's. Refreshing my entire AC system. Replacing my vacuum hose's and intake gaskets plus rebuilding my Disa valve on my e46. They have done suspension repairs for me, alignments etc etc. They have refreshed my cooling system and some many other little things. I can't begin to say how many times Casey has helped me trouble shoot my issues. Just give them a call and make an appointment, they will dedicate their time to fixing your BMW or mini and they will make sure it is repaired properly the first time! Plus you're supporting a local business in the process!

    2001 BMW 325i Touring
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  • Tyshiya Niblack
    Tyshiya Niblack1 year ago

    This is hands down thee best experience I’ve had with any of my cars. Casey and his employees are absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend them.

    2009 BMW 535i
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  • Demetrius
    Demetrius 1 year ago

    I wanted to get new HID/LED headlights because my halogens were just not doing it for me at all. I spoke to Casey & he helped me find the right parts and gave me a great price. I was about to buy some headlights from Amazon but Casey assured me the ones he had found for my car were the right ones & after having them installed I love love love the way my car looks now. I can’t wait to do rims next

    2014 BMW 320
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  • Demetrius
    Demetrius 1 year ago

    I have been pretty skeptical about letting anyone besides a BMW dealership touch my car. When it came time to buy tires, I shopped all around & Casey gave me the best deal with a warranty I couldn’t refuse! He even offered to help me do some other work on my car!

    2014 BMW 320
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  • Boris
    Boris 1 year ago

    Casey is the best. I take both of my old Bimmers here (e30 vert and e34 touring) for anything from regular maintenance to major repairs and anything in between.

    1993 BMW 525iT
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  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter1 year ago

    Solid dudes, they have experience working with older BMWs which is something most BMW mechanics don't have. I love these old cars and was stoked to find a shop that shares my enthusiasm for the feel and drive of classic cars.

    1988 BMW 535i
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  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris3 years ago

    Purchased parts and had service done. Stellar guys, professional and honest! Anyone in the Philly area that needs BMW service should use these guys.

    2003 BMW ZHP Touring
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