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La Habra BMW repair and service

With over 17 years of BMW repair factory training experience, we have proven to be southern California's leading Independent BMW Service Center in La Habra, CA. We also service Mini, Mercedes, Audi and VW.

JL Motorworks understands that cost may be a deciding factor when servicing you BMW. That is why when you bring your BMW to our service center, rest assured that we will always guarantee the lowest prices without sacrificing quality and service.

We provide exceptional auto service using state-of-the-art car repair equipment. When you bring your vehicle to JL Motorworks, your mind is at ease, knowing that your BMW is in the hands of BMW-trained technicians. Using only BMW original equipment manufacture (OEM) parts, we are able to provide exactly what your vehicle needs. Every part is designed to fit your BMW to perfection. Each part comes with a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty parts and labor.

So when it's time for servicing your BMW, feel confident in bringing it to those who know it best!


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4 Reviews

  • Jacqueline wells
    Jacqueline wells3 years ago

    March 7,2017 I was driving in La Habra when my BMW just quit on me. The car had almost died on me a few times before making right turns in parking lots but it always recovered. This time it totally died right in front of LHPD and I barley made it to a red curb, where cops gave me dirt looks for the next hour as I waited for a tow truck. When AAA tow truck arrived he suggested JL Motorworks. I the technician The car stopping and not restarting but I also expressed concern about it almost stopping while I made right turns in parking lots before. I explained the light on the dashboard that comes on was a orange triangle with squiggly line. In his comments he wrote traction light N/C and CHECK ENGINE LIGHT $110 diagnostic fee.

    They told me the next day it was my fuel pump, and my battery was almost gone. I fixed everything they recommended except the battery because mine was under warranty from another shop. Then I had a new battery installed and about 2 months later I made a right turn on Imperial and my car died again with traffic flying toward me I have no brakes or steering.

    I was able to drive back to JLM, I was flipping out asking what diagnosis did you make last time about the right turns ? The tech admitted they missed that, so I asked them to check that and I said it's had a vibration too on the floorboard so he said oh then you have to pay another diagnostic fee but it's now $125. Not wanting to drive the car anywhere ( I'd only put 600 miles on it since the last repair) I agreed to pay. The diagnosis was maybe a steering sensor but if that doesn't fix my car dying on me then it's the steering computer and it cost more then my car is worth. He also said the vibrations I'm feeling are, torn suspension bushing, torn differential bushing, wheel alignment, and oil pan gasket.

    The crazy thing is when I had my battery replaced between my 2 visits to JL Motorworks I bought a lifetime wheel alignment package and I was skeptikal in 15-20 days all this stuff could have gone wrong. I didn't like the way the technician screamed at me that my car battery couldn't have been changed by Sears, he might be a BMW technician but I've had other German cars and this BMW does not need a special computer like the technician is shouting I needed. I might be a woman but I'm no dummy, and I ended up getting an oil change recently and asked for an inspection from another repair shop in LH. A different shop over 1 yr after my last visit to JLM found no problems with my bushings, Sears has rechecked my alignment twice, and the only thing they agreed with JLM is I need a new oil pan gasket seal. I paid JLM $235 to diagnose why my car just does without warning and they did a bunch of repair, recommended repairs I don't need, and stated the second time my cars not worth fixing.

    Btw, Sears charged me for a lifetime alignment package I wanted, and the other auto shop in LH charged me $75 for an oil change and full inspection to only agree with Jlm on the oil pan gasket. JLM took me for almost $1500 and I brought it in because it had felt like it was going to die but now the car dies all the time and according to JLM it wasn't worth fixing now that they aren't sure what's wrong.

    I'd stay away from this shop as I gave them 3 chances and paid my invoices, once the problems continued I assume they don't know what's wrong or should have diagnosed everything the first time I was there.

    2002 BMW 325i wagon
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  • Kyle Hotz
    Kyle Hotz4 years ago

    I've had my BMW 325i worked on at JL Motorworks in La Habra several times, and each and every time they have delivered great service and have given me, in my opinion, quite a fair price!

    2001 BMW 325i
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  • Willie Hall
    Willie Hall5 years ago

    JL Motorworks in La Habra has serviced my BMW 745i for two years now. I was looking for an alternative to the dealerships that I felt comfortable with & these guys do a great job.

    2005 BMW 745i
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  • Arlin Chavaria
    Arlin Chavaria7 years ago

    Had an oil leak on BMW 2008 335 and I had been quoted $1500 to repair the leak. A close friend of mine referred me to JL Motorworks in La Habra. The service advisor Jacob was super friendly & knowledgeable. He showed me exactly where the leak was coming from & what needed to be done to fix it. The price ended up being 50% less than what I was quoted by the dealership. Nice! Clean shop, knowledgeable tech, friendly staff = Excellent Experience! They are honest people and for that, have gained my trust. They told me some of their prices and they are extremely reasonable. I will be going back whenever my car needs servicing. Nice people and good service. Thanks!

    2008 BMW 335
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